22 vs. Earth 2021 Animation

22 vs. Earth: A Fun and Heartwarming Prequel to Soul

22 vs. Earth: A Fun and Heartwarming Prequel to Soul

22 vs. Earth is a 2021 American computer animated short film produced by Pixar Animation Studios. Directed by Kevin Nolting and written by Josh Cooley, the short stars 22, a character who originated in the 2020 Pixar feature film Soul, as she forms a short-lived rebel alliance to stop souls from reaching Earth. It was released on Disney+ on April 30, 2021.

The short film is set before the events of Soul, and explores why 22 hates Earth and refuses to go there. She recruits five other new souls who share her rebellious attitude and names them Macaroni, Zimmy, Peanut, D-Pac, and Moonbeam. Together, they form the APOCALYPSE (Anonymous Provocateurs and Other Culprits that are Against Leaving Your friends to go to Pathetic Stupid Earth), a secret resistance movement that aims to sabotage the process of finding one’s spark. However, things don’t go as planned when each of her recruits discovers their own spark and leaves for Earth, leaving 22 alone and angry.

The short film is a fun and heartwarming prequel that adds more depth and humor to 22’s character. Tina Fey reprises her voice role as 22, and delivers witty and sarcastic lines that make her relatable and endearing. Alice Braga and Richard Ayoade also return as two soul counselors who try to guide 22 and the other souls in the Great Before. The animation is stunning and colorful, capturing the whimsical and imaginative nature of the Great Before. The music by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross is also fitting and atmospheric, creating a contrast between the serene and chaotic moments.

22 vs. Earth is a must-watch for fans of Soul, as it provides more insight into 22’s backstory and personality. It also shows how she eventually learns the meaning of life in Soul, after meeting Joe Gardner. The short film is a delightful and touching addition to Pixar’s collection of stories that celebrate life, friendship, and creativity.

The short film also features some Easter eggs and references to Soul and other Pixar films. For example, one of the new souls is named Neptune, which is the name of the planet where WALL-E and EVE live. Another soul is named Moonbeam, which could be a nod to the Pixar short La Luna. The soul counselors also mention that 22 has been in the Great Before for a long time, and has met many famous and influential people throughout history, such as Abraham Lincoln, Muhammad Ali, and Marie Antoinette. These are some of the same people that 22 mentions in Soul when she introduces herself to Joe.

22 vs. Earth is a charming and entertaining short film that expands the world and characters of Soul. It shows how 22 became the cynical and stubborn soul that we met in Soul, and how she eventually changed her mind about Earth and life. It also showcases Pixar’s creativity and talent in storytelling and animation. 22 vs. Earth is a treat for Pixar fans and anyone who enjoys a good laugh and a warm heart.

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