2G GUEDEHOUNGUE EDJEGB: A New Generation of Mobile Technology in Benin

2G GUEDEHOUNGUE EDJEGB is a new mobile technology that aims to provide fast and reliable internet access to rural areas in Benin. The technology was developed by a local company called GUEDEHOUNGUE, which means “the one who brings light” in the Fon language.

The technology uses a low-cost and low-power base station that can be installed on any existing infrastructure, such as a tree or a pole. The base station connects to a satellite and creates a wireless network that covers a radius of up to 10 kilometers. Users can access the internet through their mobile phones or other devices using a SIM card provided by GUEDEHOUNGUE.

The technology is designed to overcome the challenges of poor connectivity and high costs that affect many rural areas in Benin. According to the World Bank, only 35% of the population in Benin had access to the internet in 2019, and the average cost of 1 GB of data was $5.77, which is more than 10% of the monthly income for most people.

2G GUEDEHOUNGUE EDJEGB aims to bridge the digital divide and empower rural communities with access to information, education, health, and economic opportunities. The technology has already been deployed in several villages in the north and south of Benin, where it has received positive feedback from users and local authorities.

GUEDEHOUNGUE plans to expand its network to cover more regions in Benin and other countries in West Africa. The company hopes that 2G GUEDEHOUNGUE EDJEGB will become a model for sustainable and inclusive development in Africa.

One of the beneficiaries of 2G GUEDEHOUNGUE EDJEGB is Jeanne, a 25-year-old teacher in a primary school in Kandi, a town in the north of Benin. Jeanne says that the technology has improved her teaching and learning experience.

“Before, I had to travel to the nearest city to access the internet and download educational materials for my students. It was expensive and time-consuming. Now, I can access the internet from my school and use online resources to prepare my lessons and assignments. I can also communicate with other teachers and experts through social media and video calls.”

Jeanne says that her students are also benefiting from the technology. “They are more motivated and curious to learn new things. They can use their phones or tablets to access online courses, games, and quizzes. They can also participate in online competitions and projects with other students from different regions and countries.”

Jeanne believes that 2G GUEDEHOUNGUE EDJEGB is a game-changer for education in rural areas. “It opens up new possibilities and opportunities for us. It helps us to improve our skills and knowledge and to connect with the world.”

Another beneficiary of 2G GUEDEHOUNGUE EDJEGB is Paul, a 30-year-old farmer in a village in the south of Benin. Paul says that the technology has improved his farming and income.

“Before, I had to rely on traditional methods and guesswork to farm my crops. I had no access to weather forecasts, market prices, or agricultural advice. Now, I can access the internet from my farm and use online tools and apps to optimize my production and sales. I can also learn new techniques and best practices from other farmers and experts.”

Paul says that his income has increased since he started using the technology. “I can sell my crops at better prices and reach more customers. I can also buy inputs and equipment at lower costs and access credit and insurance services. I can also diversify my income by offering internet access to other people in my village.”

Paul believes that 2G GUEDEHOUNGUE EDJEGB is a game-changer for agriculture in rural areas. “It helps us to improve our productivity and profitability and to reduce our risks and losses. It also helps us to create more jobs and opportunities for our community.”

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