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Fate Zero Season 2 Episode 3 Review: The End of Honor

Fate Zero is a dark and thrilling anime series that follows the Fourth Holy Grail War, a battle royale among seven mages and their summoned heroic spirits for the wish-granting power of the Holy Grail. In this episode, we witness the clash between two of the most honorable and noble warriors in the war: Saber, the King of Knights, and Lancer, the Knight of the Lance.

The episode begins with a flashback to Lancer’s past, where we learn about his tragic fate as a loyal knight who was betrayed by his lord and his love. He was cursed with a mark on his hand that prevented him from ever finding happiness or peace. He joined the Holy Grail War in hopes of breaking the curse and restoring his honor.

Meanwhile, Saber is also haunted by her past, where she failed to protect her kingdom and her people as a king. She seeks the Holy Grail to undo her mistakes and save her land from destruction. She respects Lancer as a fellow knight and admires his loyalty and courage.

The two knights have fought each other several times in the war, but always with mutual respect and admiration. However, their duel is interrupted by the treacherous actions of Kiritsugu, Saber’s master, who uses a command seal to force Saber to destroy Lancer’s lance, which is the source of his power and pride. Lancer is enraged by this dishonorable act and curses both Saber and Kiritsugu for their betrayal.

Kiritsugu then shoots Lancer’s master, Kayneth, who is also his former mentor and enemy. He offers him a deal: he will spare his life if he uses his remaining command seal to order Lancer to commit suicide. Kayneth reluctantly agrees, hoping to save himself and his fiancee, Sola-Ui, who is also Lancer’s secondary master. However, Kiritsugu reveals that he has already killed Sola-Ui and shows him her severed hand with her command seal. He then shoots Kayneth in the head, killing him.

Lancer, who has no choice but to obey his master’s final command, stabs himself in the heart with his broken lance. He dies cursing everyone involved in the war and wishing for the Holy Grail to never be found. Saber is devastated by Lancer’s death and blames Kiritsugu for ruining their honorable battle. She vows to never forgive him for his actions.

The episode ends with a chilling scene where Kiritsugu coldly walks away from the carnage, leaving Saber alone with the corpses of Lancer and his masters. He shows no remorse or emotion for what he has done, only a ruthless determination to win the war at any cost.

The episode also shows the aftermath of the battle between Rider, the King of Conquerors, and Caster, the Mad Mage. Rider and his master, Waver, manage to escape from Caster’s monstrous familiars with the help of Archer, the King of Heroes, who intervenes and destroys most of them with his powerful Noble Phantasms. Archer then challenges Rider to a duel, claiming that he is the only worthy opponent for him in the war. Rider accepts his challenge and declares that he will take Archer’s treasury as his prize. The two kings exchange words and insults, each boasting about their own greatness and achievements.

Meanwhile, Caster and his master, Ryuunosuke, are cornered by Kirei, the priest and master of Assassin, who has been ordered by Tokiomi, his former ally and Archer’s master, to eliminate them. Kirei confronts Caster and reveals that he knows his true identity: Gilles de Rais, a former French nobleman and soldier who became a notorious serial killer and sorcerer. Kirei asks Caster why he became a monster and what he hopes to achieve by summoning the giant creature that he calls the “Holy Grail”. Caster answers that he is looking for his lost love, Jeanne d’Arc, who he believes was reincarnated as the Holy Grail. He says that he wants to reunite with her and make her his bride.

Kirei is intrigued by Caster’s twisted obsession and decides to spare him for now. He tells him to continue his ritual and summon the Holy Grail, promising that he will be there to witness it. He then leaves with Assassin, leaving Caster and Ryuunosuke overjoyed by his approval. They resume their ritual, sacrificing more children and feeding them to their monster.

The episode ends with a cliffhanger, as the sky above Fuyuki City darkens and a huge shadow looms over the city. The Holy Grail War is reaching its climax, and no one knows what will happen next.

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