Astroart 5 0 ED: A Complete Software for Astrophotography

Astroart 5 0 ED: A Complete Software for Astrophotography

Astroart 5 0 ED: A Complete Software for Astrophotography

If you are looking for a software that can handle all aspects of astrophotography, such as image processing, astrometry, photometry, camera and telescope control, you might want to check out Astroart 5 0 ED. This software is used in several universities and supports all major cameras, telescopes, filter wheels and focusers. It also allows you to customize it with image processing plugins, using the software development kit.

Astroart 5 0 ED has many features that make it a powerful and versatile tool for astrophotographers. Some of these features are:

  • Advanced filters: Adaptive denoise, maximum entropy deconvolution, hot pixel removal, adaptive remove gradient, comet enhancement, unsharp mask, deblooming, DDP, FFT, masks, etc. with realtime preview.
  • Astrometry and photometry: Assisted by an integrated star atlas. Batch photometry, aperture photometry, plate solving, MPC reports, user annotations.
  • Image stacking: Extremely fast and accurate. Several algorithms for every situation (star fields, comets, planets, spectrums, etc).
  • Color imaging: Native 96 bit (32 bit for each color plane), visualized in real time without modifying the underlying data. Realtime debayering, LRGB combine, adaptive saturation, realtime color balance and color curves.
  • Instrumentation: Complete camera and telescope control. Scripts for automatic research and observatory automation, centering with fast plate solving, shortest-path telescope sequences.
  • High speed: Astroart is a fast multi-threaded application, optimized with SIMD code. It can align and stack hundreds of images quickly and offers realtime preview on most filters.

Astroart 5 0 ED is compatible with Windows XP and newer versions. It is also compatible with WINE for image processing. You can download a demo version of Astroart from the official website[^1^]. The demo version cannot save, but it does not expire and lets you evaluate Astroart without hurry. The full version of Astroart 5 0 ED costs 145 Euro (EU plus VAT) or 175 US dollars[^3^]. This includes Astroart software, plugins, printable documentation, all the images for the tutorials and 12 months of major upgrades.

If you are interested in learning more about Astroart 5 0 ED or purchasing it online, you can visit the official website[^1^] or contact the developer at

Astroart 5 0 ED is not only a software for image processing, but also for image capture and guiding. You can control your camera and telescope with Astroart and use scripts for automatic research and observatory automation. Astroart supports all cameras compatible with the ASCOM interface, as well as Canon DSLR cameras, Starlight-Xpress Trius “H”/SXVH and Lodestar, and many others. You can also use the dither guide function along with drizzle to improve the quality of your images.

Astroart 5 0 ED also has a plate solving feature that identifies the RA and Dec co-ordinates of anything on your image when you mouse over it. This is very useful for finding and centering objects, as well as for astrometry and photometry. Astroart has an integrated star atlas that assists you with these tasks. You can also generate MPC reports and user annotations with Astroart.

Astroart 5 0 ED has received many positive reviews from users who appreciate its speed, versatility, reliability and ease of use. Some of these reviews can be found on the websites of Astrodoxa[^1^], Stargazers Lounge[^2^], Cloudy Nights[^3^] and others. Many users also praise the support from the developer, Fabio Marinelli, who is responsive and helpful. Astroart is a software that is constantly updated and improved with new features and corrections.

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