Bleach Episode 204

Bleach Episode 204: A Fun-Filled Kemari Game with Hollows

Bleach Episode 204: A Fun-Filled Kemari Game with Hollows

Bleach is a popular anime series that follows the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki, a teenager who can see ghosts and becomes a substitute Soul Reaper. In episode 204, Ichigo has to deal with an unexpected visitor from the Soul Society: Rurichiyo Kasumiōji, the young leader of a noble clan.

Rurichiyo is bored of her duties and responsibilities in the palace and decides to run away to the Human World, where she hopes to find some fun and freedom. She ends up at Ichigo’s school, where she surprises him with her presence. Ichigo tries to convince her to go back, but she refuses and kicks a ball at him.

Ichigo and his friends search for Rurichiyo, who has gone to the Urahara Shop. There, she meets Kisuke Urahara, a former Soul Reaper who runs a shop that sells various items related to the Soul Society. Rurichiyo enjoys browsing the shop and refuses to leave with Ichigo. Orihime Inoue, one of Ichigo’s friends who has healing powers, invites Rurichiyo to have lunch with them.

After eating, Ichigo carries Rurichiyo on his back and takes her home. On the way, they encounter KenryÅ«, Rurichiyo’s loyal attendant who has followed her to the Human World. KenryÅ« scolds Rurichiyo for leaving without telling anyone and reveals that she ran away because he did not allow her to play kemari, a traditional ball game.

Rurichiyo and KenryÅ« argue about the importance of kemari versus the importance of improving relations with other nobles and commoners. Ichigo is stunned by the trivial reason for Rurichiyo’s escape. He suggests that they play kemari together to settle their dispute. Rurichiyo agrees and invites Ichigo and his friends to join them.

However, their game is interrupted by a group of Hollows, monstrous spirits that devour souls. Ichigo and his friends transform into their Soul Reaper forms and fight the Hollows, while Rurichiyo and Kenryū watch from a safe distance. Rurichiyo cheers for Ichigo and admires his strength. She realizes that he is not just a commoner, but a hero who protects the world from evil.

Ichigo and his friends defeat the Hollows and resume their kemari game. Rurichiyo and Kenryū reconcile and enjoy playing with them. Rurichiyo thanks Ichigo for showing her the fun side of life and decides to return to the Soul Society with Kenryū. She promises to visit him again someday.

Bleach Episode 204 is a filler episode that does not follow the manga storyline. It is part of a mini-arc that focuses on Rurichiyo and her clan’s troubles. The episode is a light-hearted comedy that shows a different side of Ichigo and his friends. It also introduces some new characters and settings from the Soul Society.

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