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How to Buy SOLIDWORKS for Students

How to Buy SOLIDWORKS for Students

If you are a student who wants to learn SOLIDWORKS, the industry standard for 3D CAD design and engineering, you have several options to buy the software that best suits your needs. In this article, we will compare the features and benefits of two packages: SOLIDWORKS Cloud Apps for Students and SOLIDWORKS Student Edition Desktop.

SOLIDWORKS Cloud Apps for Students

This package is a set of browser-based 3D apps designed by SOLIDWORKS and powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. You can access them anytime, anywhere and on any device, including Chromebooks, Macs, tablets and mobile phones. No installation or download is required. The apps included are xDesign, xShape, xSheetMetal, xFrame, xMold, xDocument and more.

With SOLIDWORKS Cloud Apps for Students, you can:

  • Create sophisticated part and assembly designs quickly and efficiently with pure cloud 3D CAD technology powered by AI.
  • Create organic shapes and complex surfaces easily with a cloud-based subdivision (Sub-D) modeling solution that works seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS.
  • Experience how professionals use data management to collaborate as a team, foster innovation and improve product development in a fully connected cloud environment.
  • Expand your knowledge through dedicated learning paths to upskill and get prepared for the competitive workplace.
  • Receive the same certification as the professionals and stand out from the crowd in the job market.
  • Join an online community of peers and experts who share the same passion for learning, teaching, making and sharing.

The price of SOLIDWORKS Cloud Apps for Students is USD60/year via an easy online purchase.

SOLIDWORKS Student Edition Desktop

SOLIDWORKS Cloud Apps for Students

This package is a complete suite of 3D design, simulation and documentation tools that runs on your PC. You need to install the software on your computer and activate it with a serial number. The tools included are SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, SOLIDWORKS Simulation, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, SOLIDWORKS Motion, SOLIDWORKS Plastics, SOLIDWORKS Electrical Professional and more.

With SOLIDWORKS Student Edition Desktop, you can:

  • Create sophisticated part and assembly designs quickly and efficiently with desktop 3D CAD software that is widely used in education and industry today.
  • Validate your designs with powerful simulation tools that let you test how your products will perform in real-world scenarios.
  • Document your designs with professional-grade drawing and annotation tools that comply with industry standards.
  • Receive an industry certification that validates your skills and demonstrates your proficiency in SOLIDWORKS.
  • Access MySolidWorks Student Learning Content that provides you with tutorials, videos, guides and tips to help you learn SOLIDWORKS at your own pace.

The price of SOLIDWORKS Student Edition Desktop is USD99/year.


SOLIDWORKS Student Edition Desktop

Both packages offer you a great opportunity to learn SOLIDWORKS and develop the design and engineering skills you need to be successful for the next step in your education or career. The main difference is whether you prefer a cloud-based or a desktop-based solution. If you want more flexibility, mobility and collaboration features, you might want to choose SOLIDWORKS Cloud Apps for Students. If you want more simulation, documentation and customization features, you might want to choose SOLIDWORKS Student Edition Desktop. Either way, you will be joining a global community of millions of users who use SOLIDWORKS to create amazing products every day.

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