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Why You Should Buy Wild Fish Online

Why You Should Buy Wild Fish Online

Wild fish are fish that are caught in their natural habitats, such as oceans, lakes, and rivers. They are not raised in farms or tanks, where they may be exposed to antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, and other chemicals. Wild fish are more nutritious, flavorful, and sustainable than farmed fish, and they offer many health benefits.

However, finding fresh and high-quality wild fish can be challenging, especially if you live far from the coast or in a landlocked area. That’s why buying wild fish online is a great option for anyone who wants to enjoy the best seafood possible. Here are some of the advantages of buying wild fish online:

  • You can choose from a wide variety of wild fish species, such as salmon, halibut, sea bass, tuna, cod, haddock, swordfish, and more. You can also find exotic fish, shellfish, mussels, crab, lobster, and even jellied eels.
  • You can get wild fish that are frozen at sea within hours of catching, which preserves their freshness and quality. Frozen-at-sea wild fish are as good as fresh fish, if not better.
  • You can get wild fish that are certified by reputable organizations such as the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), which ensures that they come from healthy and well-managed fisheries that respect the environment and the marine life.
  • You can get wild fish delivered to your door in insulated boxes with dry ice or gel packs, which keep them cold and safe during transit. You can also track your order and choose your preferred delivery date and time.
  • You can save money and time by buying wild fish online. You can avoid the hassle of going to the supermarket or the fishmonger, where you may not find what you want or pay more than you should. You can also take advantage of discounts, offers, and free shipping on some orders.

Buying wild fish online is easy and convenient. All you need is a computer or a smartphone and an internet connection. You can browse through different websites that sell wild fish online, such as Bradley’s Fish or Vital Choice, and compare their products, prices, reviews, and services. You can also find recipes, tips, and information about wild fish on their websites.

Once you find the wild fish you want to buy online, you can add them to your cart and proceed to checkout. You can pay with your credit card or other secure methods. You can also choose your delivery address and date. Then you just have to wait for your order to arrive and enjoy your delicious wild fish.

So what are you waiting for? Buy wild fish online today and treat yourself to the finest seafood nature has to offer.

Benefits of Wild Fish for Your Health

Wild fish are not only delicious, but also good for your health. They offer many benefits that can improve your well-being and prevent diseases. Here are some of the main benefits of wild fish for your health:

  • They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for your brain, heart, eyes, skin, and joints. Omega-3s can lower inflammation, blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides, and protect against stroke, heart attack, dementia, depression, and arthritis ( 1 ).
  • They are high in protein, which is vital for your muscles, bones, hair, nails, and immune system. Protein can also help you feel full and satisfied, and support weight loss and maintenance ( 10 ).
  • They contain various vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function properly. These include vitamin D, which is important for your bones, teeth, and immune system; vitamin A, which is essential for your vision and skin; vitamin B12, which is crucial for your nerves and blood cells; iodine, which is necessary for your thyroid and metabolism; selenium, which is a powerful antioxidant that protects your cells from damage; and zinc, which is involved in wound healing and immunity ( 11 ).
  • They have lower levels of mercury and other contaminants than farmed fish. Mercury is a toxic metal that can harm your brain and nervous system. Farmed fish are often exposed to antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, and other chemicals that can accumulate in their flesh and affect your health. Wild fish are caught in their natural habitats, where they have less exposure to these pollutants ( 2 ).
  • They have more flavor and texture than farmed fish. Wild fish have a more varied diet and more exercise than farmed fish, which makes their flesh firmer, leaner, and tastier. Farmed fish tend to be softer, fattier, and blander than wild fish ( 12 ).

As you can see, wild fish are a great addition to your diet. They can provide you with many nutrients and benefits that can enhance your health and happiness.

How to Source Wild Fish Sustainably

Benefits of Wild Fish for Your Health

While wild fish are good for you, they may not be good for the environment if they are caught unsustainably. Overfishing, bycatch, habitat destruction, and illegal fishing are some of the threats that wild fish face due to irresponsible fishing practices. These can deplete the fish stocks, harm the marine ecosystems, and endanger the livelihoods of the fishing communities ( 13 ).

Therefore, it’s important to source wild fish sustainably. This means choosing wild fish that come from healthy and well-managed fisheries that respect the environment and the marine life. Here are some tips on how to source wild fish sustainably:

  • Look for eco-labels or certifications that indicate that the wild fish are caught sustainably. Some of the most reputable ones are the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA), and the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI) ( 14 ).
  • Use seafood guides or apps that help you find sustainable wild fish options. Some of the most popular ones are Seafood Watch by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Foundation (USA), Good Fish Guide by the Marine Conservation Society (UK), Ocean Wise by the Vancouver Aquarium (Canada), Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide by Australian Marine Conservation Society (Australia), and WWF Seafood Guide by World Wildlife Fund (various countries) ( 15 ).
  • Buy wild fish online from trusted websites that sell sustainably sourced wild fish. Some of the examples are Bradley’s Fish or Vital Choice, which offer a wide variety of wild fish species that are frozen at sea within hours of catching. They also provide information about their fishing methods, sources, and certifications on their websites.
  • Ask questions when buying wild fish from a supermarket or a fishmonger. You can ask about where the wild fish come from, how they were caught, whether they have any certifications or labels, and how fresh they are. You can also check the labels or packaging for any information about the origin and sustainability of the wild fish.

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