ChessBase Mega Database 2022 Activator Free Download

ChessBase Mega Database 2022 Activator Free Download

If you are a chess enthusiast, a chess player, or a chess coach, you probably know the importance of having a good chess database. A chess database is a collection of chess games that you can use to study, analyze, prepare, and improve your chess skills. A chess database can help you learn from the best players in history, find the best moves in any position, discover new ideas and novelties, and avoid mistakes and blunders.

But not all chess databases are created equal. Some are more comprehensive, more updated, more annotated, and more user-friendly than others. And one of the best chess databases in the market is ChessBase Mega Database 2022.

What is ChessBase Mega Database 2022?

ChessBase Mega Database 2022 is the premiere chess database from ChessBase, the world’s leading chess software company. ChessBase Mega Database 2022 contains over 9.2 million games from 1560 to 2021 in high quality. It also includes more than 100,000 annotated games by top players and experts, as well as direct access to all the World Championship matches, top tournaments, player biographies, and photos.

Features and benefits of ChessBase Mega Database 2022

ChessBase Mega Database 2022 offers many features and benefits for chess lovers, such as:

  • It covers the whole history of chess, from the earliest records to the latest games played in October 2021.
  • It contains almost all the top games ever played, many of them annotated by top players of the past and present.
  • It allows you to search for any position, player, tournament, opening, or theme with ease and speed.
  • It provides you with weekly updates of over 5,000 new games throughout the year.
  • It gives you access to the online database and the engine cloud with your ChessBase account.
  • It helps you train like a pro by preparing for your opponents, improving your repertoire, and learning from grandmasters.

How to get ChessBase Mega Database 2022?

To get ChessBase Mega Database 2022, you need to purchase it from the ChessBase online shop or from an authorized dealer. The price of ChessBase Mega Database 2022 is €199.90 (or about $230). You will receive a DVD with the database and a serial number that you need to activate your product. You can also download the database from your online account after purchasing it.

You can use and activate your ChessBase Mega Database 2022 on three computers at the same time. You also get a three-months Premium Membership for the ChessBase Account with your purchase.

To use ChessBase Mega Database 2022, you also need a compatible chess software program. The best option is ChessBase 16, the latest version of the popular chess database program from ChessBase.

What is ChessBase 16?

ChessBase 16 is a personal, stand-alone chess database program that has become the standard throughout the world. Everyone uses ChessBase 16, from the World Champion to the amateur next door. It is the program of choice for anyone who loves the game and wants to know more about it.

Features and benefits of ChessBase 16

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