Didnapper 2: A JRPG Adventure with Lots of DiD Scenes

Didnapper 2: A JRPG Adventure with Lots of DiD Scenes

Didnapper 2 is the long-awaited successor to the original Didnapper, a story-focused JRPG adventure featuring lots, lots of DiD (damsel in distress) scenes. Play as the magically-gifted hero Seles and try to avoid capture or escape your bonds, as she tries to uncover the secrets of the world with a party of misfits.

The game is developed by DID Games, an indie team that has been working on the Didnapper series since 2009. The game is available for Windows and can be downloaded from their Itch.io page or from Steam. The game does not contain any nudity or sexually explicit scenes, but it does have plenty of bondage and peril scenarios involving the main characters and NPCs.

Some of the features of Didnapper 2 include:

  • A large open world with over 100 maps to explore
  • A turn-based combat system with unique skills and mechanics
  • A dynamic capture system that allows enemies to tie up and gag the party members in various ways
  • An escape system that lets the player try to free themselves or their allies from their restraints
  • A variety of outfits and accessories that can be equipped and change the appearance of the characters
  • A quest system that offers optional challenges and rewards
  • A story crystal that allows the player to revisit previous scenes and events
  • A mod manager that lets the player customize their game experience with community-made mods

If you are a fan of JRPGs, DiD scenes, or both, you might want to give Didnapper 2 a try. It is a game made by fans for fans, with a lot of passion and dedication. You can find more information about the game and the developers on their website or on their Steam page. You can also join their Discord server to chat with other fans and get updates on future content.

Didnapper 2 features a cast of colorful and diverse characters, both new and returning from the first game. The player can interact with them through dialogue choices, quests, and bonding events. Some of the characters are:

Party Members

  • Seles: The main protagonist of the game. She’s an Aion, a Chroma user, who was raised by a mysterious organization called the Order. She has a cheerful and curious personality, but also a strong sense of justice and loyalty. She can use various elemental spells in combat.
  • Aden: Seles’ childhood friend and fellow Aion. He’s a skilled swordsman and a loyal companion. He has a calm and rational demeanor, but also a playful and teasing side. He can use physical attacks and buffs in combat.
  • Eileen: A young healer from the town of Bellia. She’s a kind and gentle soul who wants to help others. She has a timid and shy personality, but also a hidden courage and determination. She can use healing and support spells in combat.
  • Viscant: A mysterious man who claims to be an Aion hunter. He’s a cold and ruthless assassin who works for the highest bidder. He has a sarcastic and cynical attitude, but also a hidden agenda and motive. He can use stealth and debuff skills in combat.
  • Chelsea: A thief from the city of Capulet. She’s a cunning and agile adventurer who loves treasure and excitement. She has a cheerful and confident personality, but also a troubled past and secret. She can use speed and evasion skills in combat.
  • Liliana: A noble lady from the city of Montague. She’s a refined and elegant aristocrat who has a keen interest in magic and history. She has a polite and graceful demeanor, but also a curious and adventurous side. She can use summoning and barrier skills in combat.
  • Gladsheim: A mercenary from the town of Port Telanore. He’s a powerful and experienced warrior who values strength and honor. He has a gruff and stoic personality, but also a loyal and respectful side. He can use heavy attacks and defense skills in combat.
  • Kaie: A princess from the kingdom of Alverona. She’s a brave and spirited leader who wants to restore peace and order to her land. She has a noble and charismatic personality, but also a rebellious and impulsive side. She can use light-based attacks and healing skills in combat.


Party Members

  • Droitte: A mysterious woman who leads a group of bandits called the Tainted Dagger. She’s a ruthless and cunning leader who wants to overthrow the Alveronan monarchy. She has a cruel and sadistic personality, but also a charismatic and persuasive side. She can use dark-based attacks and debuffs in combat.
  • Camaris: A general of the Alveronan army who is loyal to King Byron. He’s a skilled and respected commander who wants to protect his country from enemies. He has a stern and strict personality, but also a honorable and patriotic side. He can use physical attacks and buffs in combat.
  • Malutina: A witch who lives in the forest near Bellia. She’s a powerful and mysterious magic user who wants to collect rare specimens for her experiments. She has a eccentric and whimsical personality, but also a dangerous and unpredictable side. She can use various elemental spells in combat.
  • Todlaad: A pirate captain who operates in the seas near Port Telanore. He’s a greedy and ruthless plunderer who wants to amass wealth and power. He has a arrogant and boastful personality, but also a cunning and resourceful side. He can use water-based attacks and evasion skills in combat.
  • Zhara: A priestess of the Temple of Light who serves Cardinal Alastair. She’s a devout and fanatical follower who wants to spread the light of her faith to the world. She has a serene and pious personality, but also a zealous and intolerant side. She can use light-based attacks and healing skills

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