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Adam Oh – Trapped In My Mind: A Song Review

Adam Oh - Trapped In My Mind: A Song Review

Adam Oh is a singer, songwriter and producer who rose to fame on TikTok with his viral song “Trapped In My Mind”. The song was released on September 6, 2019 and has amassed over 51 million views on YouTube as of May 2023. The song is a catchy and emotional pop track that expresses the feelings of being stuck in a toxic relationship and feeling hopeless and depressed.

The song starts with a catchy hook that sets the tone for the rest of the song: “Yung Ting, you going crazy / Oh no, no (King, this shit fuego) / Can’t breathe in toxic skies / Pollute me with your lies / I thought that I died (Woah, woah)”. The lyrics are simple but effective, conveying the sense of suffocation and despair that the narrator feels. The production is also well-done, with a trap beat and a synth melody that create a contrast between the upbeat sound and the dark lyrics.

The chorus is the highlight of the song, as it repeats the main theme of being trapped in one’s mind and unable to escape from the pain: “I cannot breathe through toxic skies / You pollute me with your lies / Thought I died ‘long with my sense of time / And I’m not alright feel trapped in my mind / I can’t escape even if I tried / Too little too late too weak and too kind / My heart is on fire and I’m burnin’ alive / So I guess I’m not fine still trapped in my mind”. The chorus is catchy and memorable, and the use of rhyme and repetition make it easy to sing along. The chorus also shows the narrator’s loss of self-esteem and hope, as he feels too weak and kind to stand up for himself and move on from the relationship.

The verses provide more details about the narrator’s situation and how he got into it. The first verse reveals that he has been in this state for a long time, and that he wishes he could get away from it: “I don’t know the date been in my mind for days / Wish I could get away / You know it isn’t safe for me to be in this headspace”. The verse also shows how the narrator was betrayed by his partner, who told him to swim then watched as he sunk: “Drunk and I miss you unless I’m just drunk / Told me to swim then you watched as I sunk / I can’t forgive you no I’m not that dumb / Paranoid I gotta run”. The second verse shows how the narrator used to love his partner, but now he only feels broken and trapped: “Once upon a time I used to hold you close / Now the only thing I’m holdin’ is a broken soul / Knocked me down and I’m still falling like some domino’s / Oh no I’m trapped I can’t get out no more”. The verse also shows how the narrator tried to be tough in a world that’s ablaze, but his partner didn’t stay with him: “Back to the basics you crazy as hell / And I can’t bring myself to say I wish you well / Tryna be tough in a world that’s ablaze / You told me that you would stay”.

The bridge is a short but powerful section that shows the narrator’s attempt to move on from his partner, but also his struggle to do so. He sings: “Singing why, oh why / You lie, you lie / Everytime, everytime I die a little inside / I’m like bye, baby baby bye bye / Gotta move on with my life / Well at least I’m gon’ try / Don’t you hit me in the night / Cause I’m probably home cryin’ / Don’t you know that I’m / Still trapped in my mind”. The bridge shows how the narrator still loves his partner, but also hates him for lying to him. He tries to say goodbye and move on with his life, but he admits that he’s not sure if he can do it. He also asks his partner not to contact him at night, because he’s still hurting and crying. He ends the bridge by reminding his partner that he’s still trapped in his mind, implying that he can’t forget him or let him go.

Overall, “Trapped In My Mind” is a well-written and well-produced song that captures the emotions of being in a toxic relationship and feeling hopeless and depressed. The

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