Download Aqiqa haqida-Nuriddin hoji domla/ – Mp3 and Mp4 20:02 Min 27.51 MB MP3 Music Download

Download Aqiqa haqida-Nuriddin hoji domla/ –   Mp3 and Mp4 20:02 Min 27.51 MB  MP3 Music Download

Aqiqa haqida-Nuriddin hoji domla: A Video Series on Islamic Rituals

Aqiqa haqida-Nuriddin hoji domla is a video series on YouTube that explains the Islamic rituals of aqiqa, which is the sacrifice of an animal on the occasion of a child’s birth. The series is hosted by Nuriddin hoji domla, a popular Uzbek preacher and scholar who delivers lectures on various topics of Islam. The series consists of three parts, each lasting about 20 minutes.

In the first part, Nuriddin hoji domla introduces the concept of aqiqa, its benefits, its conditions, and its rulings according to the Quran and the Sunnah. He also clarifies some common misconceptions and mistakes that people make regarding aqiqa. He emphasizes that aqiqa is a sunnah muakkadah, which means a highly recommended act that should not be neglected by Muslims.

In the second part, Nuriddin hoji domla discusses the details of how to perform aqiqa, such as when to do it, what kind of animal to sacrifice, how to distribute the meat, and how to name the child. He also answers some frequently asked questions and gives practical advice on how to make aqiqa easy and affordable for everyone.

In the third part, Nuriddin hoji domla talks about the wisdom and benefits of aqiqa, such as its role in protecting the child from harm, expressing gratitude to Allah, strengthening family ties, and helping the poor and needy. He also shares some stories and examples from the lives of the prophets and the companions who performed aqiqa for their children.

Aqiqa haqida-Nuriddin hoji domla is a useful and informative video series that teaches Muslims about one of the important rituals of Islam. It is available for free on YouTube and can be downloaded in MP3 and MP4 formats for offline viewing or listening.

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Aqiqa is a ritual that dates back to the time of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him), who was commanded by Allah to sacrifice his son Ismail (peace be upon him) as a test of his faith. Allah replaced Ismail with a ram at the last moment, and Ibrahim passed the test. Since then, Muslims have been following the example of Ibrahim and sacrificing an animal for their children as a way of expressing their submission to Allah and their gratitude for His blessings.

Aqiqa is also a way of welcoming the new-born child into the Muslim community and announcing his or her name. The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “Every child is in pledge for his aqiqa which is sacrificed for him on his seventh day, and he is named on it and his head is shaved.” (Abu Dawud) Aqiqa is a sign of love and care for the child, and a means of seeking Allah’s protection and mercy for him or her.

Aqiqa is not only beneficial for the child, but also for the parents and the society. The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “Whoever has a child born to him and wants to sacrifice for his child, let him do it.” (Bukhari) Aqiqa is a way of expressing gratitude to Allah for the gift of a child, and a way of earning rewards in the hereafter. Aqiqa is also a way of sharing the joy and happiness with others, especially the poor and needy, who have a right to partake in the meat of the sacrifice.

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