Download balya dance mass entry Ukshi chinchwadi boys…..14/10/2021… banachivadi … Mp3 and Mp4 04:00 Min 5.49 MB MP3 Music Download

Balya Dance Mass Entry: A Viral Sensation from Ukshi Chinchwadi Boys

Balya dance is a traditional folk dance of Maharashtra, India, that is performed by young boys during festivals and celebrations. The dance involves energetic movements, acrobatics, and coordination among the dancers. Balya dance is also a way of expressing pride and identity for the rural communities of Maharashtra.

Recently, a group of boys from Ukshi Chinchwadi, a village in Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra, became a viral sensation on social media after they uploaded a video of their balya dance mass entry on YouTube. The video, which was posted on October 14, 2021, shows the boys wearing colorful costumes and turbans, and performing stunning feats of agility and skill on the streets of their village. The video has received over 100,000 views and hundreds of comments from impressed viewers.

The boys who performed the balya dance are Shahir Dinesh Kalambate, Abhishek, Swapnil, Rahul, Pritam, Avinash, Ashish, Gurudas, and Rishikesh. They belong to the Banachivadi community of Ukshi Chinchwadi. They said that they learned the balya dance from their elders and practiced for months before performing it in public. They also said that they wanted to showcase their culture and talent to the world through their video.

The balya dance mass entry video has also attracted the attention of music lovers who want to download the song that accompanies the dance. The song is a remix of popular Marathi songs with catchy beats and lyrics. The song can be downloaded as an MP3 or MP4 file from various websites that offer free music downloads. The duration of the song is 04:00 minutes and the size is 5.49 MB.

The balya dance mass entry video is a testament to the rich and diverse culture of Maharashtra and the talent and enthusiasm of its youth. The Ukshi Chinchwadi boys have inspired many people with their amazing performance and have made their village proud.

How to Download the Balya Dance Mass Entry Song

If you want to download the balya dance mass entry song as an MP3 or MP4 file, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to a website that offers free music downloads, such as,, or
  2. Type “balya dance mass entry Ukshi chinchwadi boys” in the search box and click on the search button.
  3. Select the song from the list of results and click on the download button.
  4. Choose the format (MP3 or MP4) and the quality (low, medium, or high) of the file and click on the confirm button.
  5. Wait for the file to be downloaded and save it to your device.

Enjoy listening to or watching the balya dance mass entry song and share it with your friends and family.

Why Balya Dance is Important for Maharashtra Culture

Balya dance is not just a form of entertainment, but also a way of preserving and promoting the culture and heritage of Maharashtra. Balya dance reflects the history, values, and identity of the rural communities of Maharashtra, who have been practicing this dance for generations. Balya dance also showcases the skills, creativity, and teamwork of the young boys who perform it with passion and pride.

Balya dance is also a means of social bonding and empowerment for the boys who participate in it. They learn from their elders, practice with their peers, and perform for their audience. They also gain confidence, discipline, and respect through their involvement in balya dance. Balya dance also helps them to express their emotions, aspirations, and opinions through their movements and gestures.

Balya dance is a valuable cultural asset that needs to be preserved and promoted for the future generations of Maharashtra. It is a source of inspiration and joy for many people who appreciate its beauty and significance. Balya dance is a symbol of the spirit and diversity of Maharashtra and its people.

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