Download La La Land Mia

How to Download La La Land Mia’s Audition Song

How to Download La La Land Mia's Audition Song

La La Land is a 2016 musical film that tells the story of Mia, an aspiring actress, and Sebastian, a jazz pianist, who fall in love while pursuing their dreams in Los Angeles. The film features many original songs, including Mia’s audition song, which she sings in a pivotal scene near the end of the movie.

Mia’s audition song is called “The Fools Who Dream”, and it was written by Justin Hurwitz, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. The song expresses Mia’s passion for acting and her willingness to take risks for her art. It also reflects her personal journey and the sacrifices she has made along the way.

If you are a fan of La La Land and want to download Mia’s audition song, here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Go to this YouTube link, which has the official video of the song.
  2. Copy the URL of the video and paste it into a YouTube to MP3 converter website, such as
  3. Click on “Convert” and wait for the process to finish.
  4. Click on “Download” and save the MP3 file to your device.

Alternatively, you can also purchase the song from online platforms such as iTunes, Amazon Music or Spotify.

Enjoy listening to Mia’s audition song and relive the magic of La La Land!

La La Land was directed by Damien Chazelle, who also wrote the screenplay. The film stars Emma Stone as Mia and Ryan Gosling as Sebastian. The film received critical acclaim and won six Academy Awards, including Best Original Song for “City of Stars”. The film also broke the record for the most Golden Globe Awards won by a single film, with seven wins.

Mia’s audition song is one of the highlights of the film, as it showcases Stone’s vocal and emotional range. The song was recorded live on set, without any lip-syncing or editing. Stone said that she felt nervous and vulnerable while singing the song, but that it helped her connect with Mia’s character. She also said that the song was a tribute to all the dreamers who pursue their passions despite the obstacles.

The song has been covered by many artists, such as Kelly Clarkson, Lea Michele and John Legend. The song has also inspired many fans to create their own versions of the song, such as piano covers, guitar covers and acapella covers. Some fans have even uploaded their own audition videos, singing the song in front of a camera.

The song’s lyrics are based on a story that Mia tells Sebastian earlier in the film, about her aunt who inspired her to become an actress. The story is about how her aunt jumped into a river in Paris, because she said that people who do crazy things are the ones who change the world. The song also references some of the challenges that Mia faced in her career, such as rejection, disappointment and self-doubt.

The song’s melody is composed by Justin Hurwitz, who also wrote the music for the rest of the film. The melody is simple and elegant, with a piano accompaniment that creates a contrast between the low and high notes. The melody also has a circular structure, which means that it ends on the same note that it begins with. This creates a sense of closure and completion for Mia’s character arc.

The song’s title, “The Fools Who Dream”, is a nod to the theme of the film, which is about following your dreams and being true to yourself. The film celebrates the idea of being a fool who dreams, even if it means facing hardships and risks. The film also explores the question of whether it is possible to balance your dreams and your love, or whether you have to choose one over the other.

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