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Nasikia Sauti Ya Bwana: A Swahili Gospel Song

Nasikia Sauti Ya Bwana is a Swahili gospel song composed by Eric Lucas Maumba, a Tanzanian musician and choir director. The song title means “I Hear the Voice of the Lord” in English, and it expresses the desire to respond to God’s call and to serve Him faithfully. The song has been sung by various choirs and artists, such as Charity Studios, a music group based in Morogoro, Tanzania.

The song has four verses and a chorus. The chorus goes like this:

Nasikia Bwana unaniita x 2
Nichague mimi, nitakase Bwana,
nichague mimi, niwe wako,
niwachunge kondoo wako x 2

Which translates to:

I hear you calling me, Lord x 2
Choose me, cleanse me, Lord,
choose me, make me yours,
let me shepherd your sheep x 2

The verses talk about the challenges and joys of following God’s will, such as overcoming the weakness of the flesh, the temptations of the devil, and the attacks of the wolves. The verses also praise God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and ask for His guidance and grace.

The song is written in a simple and catchy melody that can be easily learned and sung by anyone. The song also has a lively rhythm that makes it suitable for dancing and clapping. The song is a popular choice for worship and praise in many churches and communities in East Africa.

Nasikia Sauti Ya Bwana is one of the many examples of Swahili gospel music, a genre of Christian music that originated and developed in East Africa, especially in Kenya and Tanzania. Swahili gospel music is influenced by various musical styles, such as traditional African music, hymns, reggae, bongo flava, and contemporary Christian music. Swahili gospel music is sung in Swahili, the lingua franca of East Africa, as well as in other local languages, such as Kikuyu, Luo, and Luhya.

Swahili gospel music has a rich history and diversity of artists and songs. Some of the pioneers of Swahili gospel music include Reuben Kigame, Angela Chibalonza, Fanuel Sedekia, Christina Shusho, and Solomon Mkubwa. Some of the popular Swahili gospel songs include Nani Kama Wewe by Eunice Njeri, Mungu Mwenye Nguvu by Solomon Mkubwa, Unastahili Kuabudiwa by Upendo Nkone, and Hakuna Wakufanana by Dan Em. Swahili gospel music has also been influenced by international artists and songs, such as Hillsong Worship, Don Moen, Sinach, and Way Maker.

Swahili gospel music is not only a form of entertainment but also a way of expressing faith and worship to God. Swahili gospel music is often used in church services, crusades, weddings, funerals, and other occasions. Swahili gospel music is also a source of inspiration and encouragement for many people who face challenges and difficulties in life. Swahili gospel music is a testimony of God’s love, grace, and power in the lives of His people.

Swahili gospel music has also been recognized and celebrated by various awards and platforms. Some of the notable awards that honor Swahili gospel music include Groove Awards, Mwafaka Awards, Maranatha Awards, and Sauti Awards. These awards aim to promote and appreciate the talent and ministry of Swahili gospel artists and songs. Some of the winners of these awards include Mercy Masika, Evelyn Wanjiru, Guardian Angel, Moji Shortbabaa, and Gloria Muliro.

Swahili gospel music has also been featured and broadcasted by various media outlets and platforms, such as radio stations, TV channels, websites, blogs, and social media. Some of the popular platforms that showcase Swahili gospel music include Hope FM, Citizen TV, Gospo Media, Mzuka Kibao, and YouTube. These platforms help to spread and share the message and impact of Swahili gospel music to a wider audience and market.

Swahili gospel music is a vibrant and dynamic genre of music that reflects the culture and faith of East Africans. Swahili gospel music is a gift and a blessing to the world. Swahili gospel music is a way of glorifying God and edifying His people.

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