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SDM – Bolide allemand: A French Rap Song with a German Twist

SDM is a French rapper who released his debut album Liens du 100 in December 2022. One of the tracks on the album is Bolide allemand, which means German sports car in French. The song is a tribute to SDM’s love for fast and luxurious cars, especially those made in Germany.

In the song, SDM raps about driving his German sports car around Paris, picking up girls and escaping from the police. He also boasts about his success in the rap scene, his contacts and his money. The song has a catchy chorus that repeats the phrase “bolide allemand” four times, followed by “eh, eh”. The song also features some German words, such as “vroum” (vroom), “cosy” (cozy) and “bendo” (slang for apartment).

The song was produced by Berry Prod, Yopsy and 1, and was released as a single on November 26, 2022. The song has a music video that shows SDM driving his German sports car in various locations, such as a parking lot, a highway and a bridge. The video also features some scenes of SDM performing the song live on Planète Rap, a popular radio show that showcases rap artists.

Bolide allemand is one of the most popular songs on SDM’s album, and has received positive reviews from fans and critics alike. The song has over 866K views on YouTube, and has been praised for its catchy melody, energetic flow and original theme. The song is also available for download in MP3 and MP4 formats on various platforms.

SDM is not the only French rapper who has a passion for German cars. In fact, many French rap songs have references to German brands, such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. Some examples of these songs are Audi by Booba, BMW by Niska, Mercedes by SCH and Porsche Panamera by Sadek. These songs often use German cars as a symbol of wealth, power and prestige.

However, SDM’s song Bolide allemand is different from these songs in two ways. First, SDM does not mention any specific brand or model of car in his song. He only uses the generic term “bolide allemand”, which could refer to any German sports car. This gives the song a more universal appeal, as it does not limit itself to one type of car. Second, SDM’s song is not only about bragging about his car, but also about enjoying the thrill of driving it. He raps about speeding, drifting and dodging the cops, as well as picking up girls and having fun. He also expresses his gratitude for his success and his lifestyle.

Therefore, SDM’s song Bolide allemand is a unique and original rap song that celebrates German sports cars in a different way. The song is a testament to SDM’s talent and creativity as a rapper, and also to his love for cars. The song is a must-listen for any fan of rap music and car culture.

One of the reasons why SDM’s song Bolide allemand is so catchy and memorable is the use of German words in the lyrics. SDM mixes French and German words in a clever and playful way, creating a contrast between the two languages. For example, he raps “J’accélère salement, vroum, vroum / J’suis dans l’bolide allemand” (I accelerate dirtily, vroom, vroom / I’m in the German sports car), or “Avec Kesah, bolide allemand, j’suis cosy / On baraude sur Bériz, on ramasse ta sœur et ta cousine” (With Kesah, German sports car, I’m cozy / We roam around Paris, we pick up your sister and your cousin). The German words add a touch of humor and originality to the song, as well as a reference to the car’s origin.

SDM is not the first French rapper to use German words in his songs. In fact, German words have been used in French rap since the 1990s, when rap groups such as IAM and NTM started to incorporate them in their lyrics. Some of the most common German words used in French rap are “achtung” (attention), “bismillah” (in the name of God), “blitzkrieg” (lightning war), “foulek” (folk), “kaiser” (emperor) and “wesh” (what). These words are often used to create a sense of urgency, aggression or irony in the songs.

However, SDM’s use of German words is different from these rap groups, as he does not use them to convey a political or social message. He uses them simply to enhance the theme and the mood of his song. He also uses more diverse and less common German words, such as “vroum” (vroom), “cosy” (cozy) and “bendo” (slang for apartment). These words show that SDM has a good knowledge of German language and culture, and that he respects and admires it.

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