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Shaggy’s Hot Shot 2020: A New Twist on an Old Classic

Shaggy's Hot Shot 2020: A New Twist on an Old Classic

Shaggy, the Jamaican-American reggae singer and rapper, is back with a new album called Hot Shot 2020, which celebrates the 20th anniversary of his breakthrough album Hot Shot. The album features updated versions of some of his biggest hits, including “It Wasn’t Me”, “Angel”, “Boombastic” and “Oh Carolina”.

One of the highlights of the album is “It Wasn’t Me (Hot Shot 2020)”, featuring Rayvon, the original collaborator on the song. The song is a catchy and humorous story of a man who gets caught cheating by his girlfriend and tries to deny it by saying “It wasn’t me”. The song was a huge success in 2000, reaching number one in several countries and becoming Shaggy’s signature song.

The new version of “It Wasn’t Me” retains the original lyrics and melody, but adds a fresh and modern production that gives it a new vibe. The song also has a lyric video that shows Shaggy and Rayvon performing the song in front of colorful backgrounds and animations. The video has over 10 million views on YouTube Music.

Shaggy said that he wanted to remake his old songs to give them a new life and to introduce them to a new generation of fans. He also said that he wanted to celebrate his musical journey and thank his fans for their support over the years. He said that Hot Shot 2020 is a tribute to his legacy and a testament to his longevity.

If you want to listen to “It Wasn’t Me (Hot Shot 2020)” featuring Rayvon or download it as an MP3 file, you can find it on various music platforms such as YouTube Music, Shazam, Spotify, Apple Music and more. You can also check out the full lyrics of the song on Genius.

Shaggy is not the only artist who has revisited his old songs for Hot Shot 2020. He has also invited some of his friends and fellow musicians to join him on some of the tracks. For example, he has collaborated with Sting on a new version of “Angel”, which was originally sung by Shaggy and Rikrok. Sting adds his distinctive vocals and guitar to the song, creating a unique blend of reggae and rock.

Another guest on the album is Conkarah, a Jamaican singer who rose to fame with his viral cover of “Banana” featuring Shaggy. Conkarah joins Shaggy on a new version of “Boombastic”, one of Shaggy’s earliest hits from 1995. The song is a fun and upbeat dancehall tune that showcases Shaggy’s and Conkarah’s charisma and energy.

Hot Shot 2020 also features some new songs that Shaggy has recorded for the album. One of them is “Primavera”, a romantic ballad that features Italian singer-songwriter Jovanotti. The song is sung in English and Italian and has a smooth and soothing melody. Another new song is “Electric Avenue”, a cover of the 1982 hit by Eddy Grant. The song is a tribute to the street in London where Shaggy used to live and where he started his musical career.

Hot Shot 2020 is a testament to Shaggy’s musical talent and versatility. He has managed to reinvent his old songs and make them sound fresh and relevant for today’s audience. He has also shown his ability to collaborate with different artists and genres, creating a diverse and enjoyable album. Hot Shot 2020 is a celebration of Shaggy’s past, present and future as one of the most successful and influential reggae artists of all time.

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