Download Tamirat Haile Vol. 13 Full Album . 13 Protestant Mezmur Mp3 and Mp4 16:47 Min 23.05 MB MP3 Music Download

Download Tamirat Haile     Vol. 13 Full Album  . 13    Protestant Mezmur Mp3 and Mp4 16:47 Min 23.05 MB  MP3 Music Download

Tamirat Haile Vol. 13: A Collection of Inspiring Protestant Mezmur Songs

If you are looking for a way to uplift your spirit and enjoy some beautiful music, you might want to check out Tamirat Haile’s latest album, Vol. 13. This album features 16 tracks of Protestant Mezmur songs that express Tamirat’s faith and devotion to God. Tamirat Haile is a popular Ethiopian singer and songwriter who has been producing Mezmur music since 2004. He is known for his powerful voice and his ability to blend traditional and modern elements in his songs.

In this album, you will find songs that praise God’s greatness, mercy, and love, as well as songs that reflect on Tamirat’s personal journey and struggles. Some of the songs include “Yene Nefs”, “Egziabher Yemirew”, “Yehiwot Amlak”, and “Leyu Neh”. The album also features collaborations with other Mezmur artists such as Mesfin Gutu, Yosef Kassa, and Dawit Haileselassie.

You can download Tamirat Haile Vol. 13 full album in MP3 or MP4 format from our website. The album is 16:47 minutes long and has a size of 23.05 MB. You can also listen to the songs online or watch the videos on YouTube. Whether you are a fan of Tamirat Haile or a newcomer to Mezmur music, you will surely enjoy this album and find inspiration in its messages.

Mezmur is a genre of Ethiopian Christian music that originated in the 1960s. It is derived from the Amharic word for “psalm” and it is influenced by various musical styles such as gospel, reggae, and pop. Mezmur songs are usually sung in Amharic, Tigrinya, Oromo, or other Ethiopian languages, and they often include biblical references and quotations. Mezmur music is widely popular among Ethiopian Christians of different denominations, especially Protestants.

Tamirat Haile is one of the most prominent and influential Mezmur artists in Ethiopia. He was born in 1978 in Addis Ababa and grew up in a Christian family. He started singing in his church choir when he was young and later joined a gospel band called “The Messengers”. He released his first solo album, Vol. 1, in 2004 and since then he has produced 12 more albums. His songs have touched millions of listeners with their spiritual and emotional depth.

Tamirat Haile Vol. 13 is his latest album and it showcases his musical talent and maturity. The album has a variety of songs that appeal to different tastes and moods. Some of the songs are upbeat and joyful, while others are slow and soothing. Some of the songs are based on traditional Ethiopian melodies, while others are more contemporary and catchy. The album also features Tamirat’s signature vocals that convey his passion and sincerity.

If you are interested in learning more about Tamirat Haile and his music, you can visit his official website or follow him on social media. You can also watch his interviews and performances on various TV and radio channels. Tamirat Haile is not only a singer, but also a preacher and a philanthropist. He often travels around Ethiopia and abroad to share his testimony and his songs with different audiences. He also supports various charitable causes and organizations that help the needy and the oppressed.

Tamirat Haile Vol. 13 is a must-have album for anyone who loves Mezmur music or wants to discover it. The album is available for download on our website in MP3 or MP4 format. You can also stream the songs online or watch the videos on YouTube. The album is suitable for all ages and occasions. You can listen to it alone or with your family and friends. You can use it for worship or for relaxation. You can enjoy it anytime and anywhere.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get Tamirat Haile Vol. 13 full album today. You will not regret it. This album will enrich your soul and inspire your heart. It will make you feel closer to God and to yourself. It will make you appreciate the beauty and the diversity of Ethiopian culture and music. It will make you a fan of Tamirat Haile and Mezmur music for life.

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