Dragon Ball Episode 98

Dragon Ball Episode 98: Goku vs Jiren – The Ultimate Showdown

Dragon Ball Episode 98: Goku vs Jiren - The Ultimate Showdown

The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super has finally aired, and fans are buzzing with excitement. The episode featured the long-awaited battle between Goku and Jiren, the strongest warriors in the Tournament of Power. The fate of their respective universes hangs in the balance as they clash with their full power.

The episode started with Goku transforming into his Ultra Instinct form, a state that allows him to move and react without thinking. Jiren was surprised by Goku’s sudden boost in speed and power, but he quickly adapted and matched him blow for blow. The two fighters exchanged fierce attacks, creating shockwaves that shook the entire arena.

Goku seemed to have the upper hand at first, landing several hits on Jiren and dodging his counterattacks. However, Jiren was not fazed by Goku’s attacks, and he unleashed his own hidden power. He revealed that he had been holding back his true strength, and he unleashed a barrage of energy blasts that overwhelmed Goku. Goku was pushed to the edge of the ring, and Jiren prepared to finish him off.

However, Goku refused to give up, and he tapped into a deeper level of Ultra Instinct. His hair turned silver, and his eyes glowed with a blue light. He radiated an intense aura that stunned everyone watching. Even Jiren was shocked by Goku’s new appearance, and he sensed a danger that he had never felt before.

Goku then launched a final assault on Jiren, using his enhanced speed and power to overwhelm him. He landed a series of punches and kicks that sent Jiren flying across the ring. He then fired a massive Kamehameha wave that engulfed Jiren in a blinding light. The episode ended with a cliffhanger, leaving fans wondering if Goku had finally defeated Jiren or if there was more to come.

As the dust settled, everyone waited in anticipation to see the outcome of the battle. The Grand Priest announced that there was only one minute left in the tournament, and that the universe with the most fighters remaining would win. He then looked at the ring, and saw that both Goku and Jiren were still standing.

Goku had managed to push Jiren out of the ring with his Kamehameha, but Jiren had used his last bit of energy to fly back in. Both fighters were exhausted and injured, but they still glared at each other with determination. They knew that this was their final chance to secure victory for their universes.

Goku and Jiren charged at each other for one last clash. They collided with a loud bang, creating a shockwave that shattered the ring. They exchanged a flurry of punches and kicks, each trying to overpower the other. They were evenly matched, and neither could gain an advantage.

As the clock ticked down, they both unleashed their final attacks. Goku fired a Super Kamehameha, while Jiren fired a Power Impact. The two beams of energy collided, creating a huge explosion that engulfed them both. The screen faded to white, and the episode ended with a message saying “To be continued…”

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