Eunice Njeri’s Ameni: A Song of Faith and Hope

Eunice Njeri's Ameni: A Song of Faith and Hope

Eunice Njeri is a Kenyan gospel singer who has been blessing many people with her powerful and inspiring songs. One of her most popular songs is Ameni, which means Yes in Swahili. The song is based on 2 Corinthians 1:20, which says that all of God’s promises have been fulfilled in Christ with a resounding Yes.

In the song, Eunice Njeri declares her faith and trust in God, who has done great things for her. She sings about how God has delivered her from troubles, healed her from sickness, and given her victory over enemies. She also praises God for his love, grace, and mercy that are new every morning. She encourages listeners to join her in saying Amen to God’s promises and plans for their lives.

The song was released in 2016 and has over 13 million views on YouTube. It was produced by Kijani Inc & Sound Art and the video was directed by Bantu Ltd Films. The song is also available on various music platforms such as Shazam, where it has over 10,000 Shazams. The song is part of Eunice Njeri’s album #NiJesus, which also features other songs such as Wanishangaza, Tambarare, and Uka.

Eunice Njeri is one of the most celebrated gospel artists in Kenya and beyond. She has won several awards and nominations, such as the Groove Awards, Mwafaka Awards, and Afrimma Awards. She is also known for her humanitarian work and ministry, especially among women and children. She is a testimony of God’s faithfulness and goodness in her life.

If you want to listen to Eunice Njeri’s Ameni, you can send an SMS with the code SKIZA 7392811 to 811 and enjoy the song on your phone. You can also watch the official video on YouTube or stream it on other music platforms. You will surely be blessed by this song of faith and hope.

Here are some more details about the song and the singer:

  • The song Ameni was inspired by Eunice Njeri’s personal experience of God’s healing and restoration in her life. She had been diagnosed with a rare condition that affected her nervous system and caused her to lose sensation in her limbs. She underwent surgery in the US and was miraculously healed by God. She shared her testimony in an interview with Citizen TV.
  • The song Ameni has also been a source of comfort and encouragement for many people who are going through challenges and trials. Some of the comments on YouTube express how the song has helped them to trust God and say Amen to his will. For example, one comment says: “This song has been my anthem during this pandemic. God is faithful and He will see us through. Amen.”
  • Eunice Njeri is not only a singer but also a songwriter and a composer. She writes most of her songs from her heart and from the word of God. She has a unique style of music that blends traditional and contemporary elements. She sings in various languages, such as Swahili, English, Kikuyu, and Maasai. She also collaborates with other gospel artists, such as Evelyn Wanjiru, Erasto Shengezi, and Dr Ipyana.

Eunice Njeri’s Ameni is a song that celebrates God’s faithfulness and power in our lives. It reminds us that God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to his power that works in us (Ephesians 3:20). It also challenges us to say Amen to God’s promises and purposes for our lives, even when we don’t understand them. It is a song that will uplift your spirit and strengthen your faith.

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