Fairy Tail Episode 170

Fairy Tail Episode 170: A Small Fist

Fairy Tail Episode 170: A Small Fist

Fairy Tail Episode 170 is titled “A Small Fist” and it features the conclusion of the battle between Wendy and Sherria, two young Sky Dragon Slayer and Sky God Slayer mages respectively. The episode is based on chapters 289 and 290 of the manga series by Hiro Mashima.

The episode begins with Wendy unleashing her Secret Art: Shattering Light: Sky Drill, a powerful wind attack that creates a barrier around her and Sherria. However, Sherria reveals that she can heal her own wounds with her Sky God Slayer Magic, and counters with her own Secret Art: Heavenly Gathering of Clouds, a massive blast of air that targets Wendy. Wendy manages to dodge the attack by healing Sherria completely, causing the spell to lose its accuracy. The two girls then clash with their fists, showing their determination and courage.

The fight ends in a draw as the time limit expires, earning five points for each team. Both Wendy and Sherria collapse from exhaustion, but they praise each other for their strength and skill. Sherria heals Wendy’s injuries and asks to be her friend, which Wendy happily accepts. The crowd cheers for their performance, and Erza, Lyon, Jura and Natsu commend them for their growth.

Meanwhile, Jellal, who is disguised as Mystogan and participating in the Grand Magic Games as a member of Crime Sorcière, is confronted by Doranbolt of the Magic Council. Doranbolt recognizes Jellal as a former council member and a criminal, and tries to arrest him. Jellal uses his Memory Control Magic to erase Doranbolt’s memories of seeing him, but not before Kagura and Millianna of Mermaid Heel spot him. Kagura and Millianna are shocked to see Jellal alive, as they hold a grudge against him for his involvement in the Tower of Heaven incident that killed their friend Simon. They suspect that Fairy Tail is hiding Jellal from them, and vow to get revenge.

Back at Fairy Tail’s lodgings, Mavis Vermillion, the first master of Fairy Tail who is watching the games as a spirit, reveals to Makarov and Laxus that she has a secret weapon called Lumen Histoire hidden under the guild’s basement. She says that it is Fairy Tail’s true darkness, and that she hopes they will never have to use it.

The next episode of Fairy Tail is titled “Naval Battle” and it features the fourth day of the Grand Magic Games, where one player from each team competes in a water sphere to push out the others. The episode is based on chapters 290 and 291 of the manga series by Hiro Mashima.

The episode starts with Fairy Tail celebrating their victories in the previous day at a bar, where they drink and have fun. However, not everyone is in a good mood, as Sting from Sabertooth anticipates his fight with Natsu, Kagura and Millianna from Mermaid Heel are shocked by Jellal’s presence, and Jellal himself is worried about his identity being exposed. Meanwhile, Yukino reports to Arcadios, a member of the royal army who has a mysterious plan involving her.

The Naval Battle event begins with Rabian as the guest commentator. The participants are Sherria from Lamia Scale, Jenny from Blue Pegasus, Risley from Mermaid Heel, Minerva from Sabertooth, Juvia from Fairy Tail and Lucy from Fairy Tail. Rocker from Quatro Puppy is the only male competitor, much to the crowd’s displeasure. The rules are simple: the players must stay inside the water sphere and try to knock out the others. The last one standing wins 10 points for their team.

Lucy decides to use her trump card right away and summons Aquarius, the water spirit who can control the water sphere. However, Aquarius is annoyed by Lucy’s request and attacks everyone indiscriminately, including Lucy herself. Lucy tries to apologize to Aquarius, but she ignores her and continues to rampage. The other players try to avoid Aquarius’ attacks and counterattack with their own magic.

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