Fairy Tail Episode 7

Fairy Tail Episode 7 Review: Flame and Wind

Fairy Tail Episode 7 Review: Flame and Wind

Fairy Tail is a popular anime series based on the manga by Hiro Mashima. It follows the adventures of Natsu Dragneel, a fire dragon slayer wizard, and his friends from the Fairy Tail guild. In episode 7, titled “Flame and Wind”, Natsu and his team face off against Erigor, the leader of the dark guild Eisenwald, who plans to use a powerful magic flute called Lullaby to kill all the guild masters in Fiore.

The episode starts with Erigor flying towards the meeting hall where the guild masters are gathered, while Natsu and his team are trapped inside a magic wind barrier that he created around the train station. Lucy, who was separated from the others, manages to find a way out of the barrier by using her celestial spirit Virgo. She then contacts Natsu through her magic communication device and tells him that she found a hole in the barrier.

Natsu, Gray, and Erza rush to the hole, but they are confronted by Eisenwald’s members along the way. They decide to split up and fight their way through. Natsu faces off against Kageyama, a shadow user who can manipulate objects with his shadows. Gray fights against Rayule, a sword user who can create blades of wind. Erza battles against Byard, a large man who can transform his body parts into weapons.

Meanwhile, Lucy reaches the meeting hall and tries to warn the guild masters about Eisenwald’s plot. However, she is stopped by Karacka, a teleportation user who can move himself and others through space. He tries to kidnap Lucy, but she summons her celestial spirit Sagittarius, an archer who shoots him down. Lucy then enters the meeting hall and tells the guild masters to evacuate.

Back at the train station, Natsu defeats Kageyama by using his fire dragon roar to burn his shadows. Gray freezes Rayule’s wind blades and shatters them with his ice-make hammer. Erza overpowers Byard with her requip magic that allows her to change her armor and weapons at will. The three of them then reunite and head towards the hole in the barrier.

However, they are too late as Erigor has already reached the meeting hall and plays the Lullaby flute. To their horror, they realize that Lullaby is not a flute, but a demon that can kill anyone who hears its song. The episode ends with Lullaby transforming into a giant monster and preparing to attack.

The next episode will continue the battle between Fairy Tail and Eisenwald. Will Natsu and his friends be able to stop Lullaby and save the guild masters? What is Erigor’s motive for wanting to kill them? And what is the secret behind Natsu’s scarf that seems to protect him from Lullaby’s song? Find out in episode 8 of Fairy Tail, “The Strongest Team”.

Fairy Tail is a fun and exciting anime that combines action, comedy, and fantasy. The characters are likable and have unique personalities and abilities. The animation is colorful and fluid, and the music is catchy and fitting. The story is engaging and full of twists and turns. Fairy Tail is a must-watch for fans of shounen anime and manga.

You can watch Fairy Tail on Funimation, Anime-Planet, or other streaming platforms. You can also read the manga on Kodansha Comics or other sites. Fairy Tail has a total of 328 episodes and 63 manga volumes. There are also spin-offs, movies, OVAs, and games based on the series. Fairy Tail is a franchise that will keep you entertained for a long time.

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