Fishing Points: GPS

Fishing Points: GPS – The Ultimate App for Anglers

Fishing Points: GPS - The Ultimate App for Anglers

If you love fishing, you know how important it is to find the best spots, track the weather, tide, and moon phases, and record your catches. But how do you keep track of all this information without carrying a bunch of gadgets and notebooks? The answer is Fishing Points: GPS, the ultimate app for anglers.

Fishing Points: GPS is a free app that lets you save and find your favorite fishing locations, trotlines and trolling paths. You can use it offline with nautical charts for boating. It also provides you with real-time weather forecast, fishing times, tide prediction and water temperature for optimal fishing conditions.

With Fishing Points: GPS, you can also log your catches with photos, size, weight and bait used. You can share your fishing experiences with other anglers on the app or on social media. You can also explore other fishing spots and see what other anglers are catching around you.

Fishing Points: GPS is more than just an app. It’s a community of passionate anglers who love to share their fishing adventures and tips. Whether you fish in freshwater or saltwater, inshore or offshore, Fishing Points: GPS will help you find more fish and have more fun.

Download Fishing Points: GPS today and join millions of anglers who use it every day. You’ll never fish the same way again.

How to use Fishing Points: GPS

Fishing Points: GPS is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. Here are some of the features and how to use them:

  • To save a fishing location, tap on the map and select “Save”. You can name the location, add notes, and choose an icon. You can also save your current location by tapping on the GPS icon.
  • To find a fishing location, tap on the “Locations” tab and select the location you want to go to. You can see the distance and direction to the location, and navigate there using the compass or the map.
  • To track the weather, tide, and moon phases, tap on the “Forecast” tab and select the location you want to check. You can see the current weather conditions, wind speed and direction, air pressure, humidity, and visibility. You can also see the tide prediction for the next 7 days, and the moon phase and illumination for the next 29 days.
  • To log a catch, tap on the “Catches” tab and select “Add catch”. You can take a photo of your catch or choose one from your gallery. You can also enter the size, weight, bait used, and notes. The app will automatically save the date, time, and location of your catch.
  • To share your catch, tap on the “Share” button and choose where you want to share it. You can share it on Fishing Points: GPS, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other apps. You can also see other anglers’ catches on the “Feed” tab and like or comment on them.

Fishing Points: GPS is the best fishing companion you can have. Download it now and enjoy fishing like never before.

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