Giveon – July 16th Lyrics

Giveon – July 16th Lyrics: Meaning and Analysis

Giveon - July 16th Lyrics: Meaning and Analysis

Giveon is a rising R&B singer who has captivated audiences with his deep and soulful voice. His song “July 16th” is the third track from his debut EP “Take Time”, which was released in March 2020. The song is a heartfelt confession of his feelings for a woman who he met on July 16th, but who is now with someone else. In this article, we will explore the meaning and analysis of the lyrics of “July 16th” by Giveon.

Verse 1

The first verse of the song sets the scene of the encounter between Giveon and the woman. He sings:

I still remember that day
Like it was yesterday
She was so beautiful
She wore a yellow dress
Met her on July 16th
But she already had a man

Giveon recalls the day he met the woman with vivid details, such as her yellow dress and the date. He implies that he was instantly attracted to her, but he also reveals that she was already in a relationship with someone else. This creates a sense of conflict and tension in the song, as he knows he can’t have her, but he can’t forget her either.


Verse 1

The chorus of the song expresses Giveon’s longing and frustration for the woman. He sings:

I wish I could go back to that day
And make you stay
But I can't change what's done
So I just play along
And act like nothing's wrong
When I see you with him
On July 16th

Giveon wishes he could go back in time and make the woman stay with him, instead of leaving with her boyfriend. He regrets not being able to change what happened, and he pretends to be fine when he sees them together. He repeats the date “July 16th” to emphasize how important and painful that day was for him.

Verse 2


The second verse of the song reveals more details about Giveon’s relationship with the woman. He sings:

We used to talk every night
You were my little secret
You said you loved me so much
But you couldn't leave him
You said it was complicated
But I didn't understand
Why you couldn't be with me
On July 16th

Giveon admits that he and the woman had an affair, and that she told him she loved him. However, she also told him that she couldn’t leave her boyfriend, because it was complicated. Giveon didn’t understand why she couldn’t be with him, and he felt betrayed and confused. He again mentions the date “July 16th” to show how much he hoped for a different outcome.


Verse 2

The bridge of the song shows Giveon’s acceptance and closure of the situation. He sings:

Now I know it's over
There's no point in holding on
You made your choice and I respect it
But I won't forget what we had
You'll always have a place in my heart
Even though we're apart
On July 16th

Giveon realizes that it’s over between him and the woman, and that there’s no point in holding on to something that’s not meant to be. He says that he respects her choice, but he won’t forget what they had. He tells her that she’ll always have a place in his heart, even though they’re apart. He ends the song with the date “July 16th” to show how much he cherishes their memories.

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