Gqom 808

Gqom 808: The New Wave of South African Dance Music

Gqom 808: The New Wave of South African Dance Music

Gqom 808 is a song by Omagoqa, a South African electronic music producer and DJ. The song is part of his EP Feel the Bass, which was released in May 2021. Gqom 808 is a fusion of gqom and tech house, two genres that originated in South Africa and have gained popularity worldwide.

Gqom is a style of dance music that emerged in the early 2010s in Durban, South Africa. It is characterized by heavy bass, syncopated drums, and minimal vocals. The word gqom comes from an onomatopoeic Zulu word that means “a hit” or “a drum”. Gqom is influenced by kwaito, house, hip hop, and traditional Zulu music. Some of the pioneers of gqom include DJ Lag, Rudeboyz, Distruction Boyz, and Babes Wodumo.

Tech house is a subgenre of house music that combines elements of techno and minimal house. It originated in the UK and Germany in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Tech house is known for its groovy basslines, crisp percussion, and subtle melodies. Some of the prominent tech house artists include Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, and Nicole Moudaber.

Gqom 808 blends the raw energy of gqom with the sophisticated sound of tech house. The song features a catchy bassline, a hypnotic synth melody, and a vocal sample that repeats “gqom 808”. The song showcases Omagoqa’s talent and versatility as a producer and DJ. Gqom 808 is a perfect track for clubbing, dancing, or just enjoying the vibe.

Gqom 808 is available on various streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and Bandcamp. You can also follow Omagoqa on his social media accounts to stay updated on his latest releases and gigs.

Gqom 808 is not the only song that Omagoqa has produced. He has also released other tracks such as Batman, Chaos, Feel the Bass, and New Wave. These songs feature collaborations with other gqom artists such as DJ Lag, General C’mamane, L2, and Nota. Omagoqa’s music is influenced by his South African roots, as well as his exposure to different cultures and sounds from around the world.

Omagoqa is not only a music producer and DJ, but also a music educator and activist. He runs workshops and masterclasses for aspiring gqom producers and DJs in South Africa and abroad. He also supports various social causes such as environmental awareness, gender equality, and racial justice. He believes that music can be a powerful tool for positive change and empowerment.

Gqom 808 is a song that represents Omagoqa’s vision and passion for gqom music. It is a song that celebrates the diversity and creativity of South African dance music. It is a song that invites listeners to join the gqom nation and feel the bass.

Gqom 808 is not the only gqom song that has gained international recognition. There are many other gqom songs that have been played and praised by DJs and music lovers around the world. Some of these songs include Wololo by Babes Wodumo, Omunye by Distruction Boyz, Ice Drop by Rudeboyz, and Trip to New York by DJ Lag. These songs showcase the diversity and innovation of gqom music.

Gqom music is also not limited to South Africa. It has spread to other countries and regions such as the UK, Europe, Asia, and America. There are many gqom artists and DJs who are based outside South Africa, such as Nan Kolè, Citizen Boy, Scratchclart, and DJ Maphorisa. These artists and DJs have contributed to the global growth and evolution of gqom music.

Gqom 808 is a song that reflects the global appeal and influence of gqom music. It is a song that connects South Africa with the rest of the world. It is a song that inspires and challenges listeners to explore new sounds and genres.

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