How to Get the Autorennbahnplaner Serial for Carrera Track Planning

How to Get the Autorennbahnplaner Serial for Carrera Track Planning

If you are a fan of Carrera slot car racing, you might be interested in designing your own tracks with the Autorennbahnplaner software. This is a powerful and user-friendly tool that supports all the current Carrera track systems, including Digital 124, Digital 132, Evolution, Exclusiv, GO!!!, Universal 132 and Profi. You can create realistic and challenging layouts with various assistant tools, color codings, room planner, part administration and printing options. You can also view your track in 3D with the C3D viewer app and connect it to the SmartRace app for lap counting and race management.

But how can you get the Autorennbahnplaner serial to unlock the full version of the software? Here are some ways to do it:

  • Download the free trial version. You can download the free trial version of Autorennbahnplaner from their website[^2^]. The trial version allows you to use up to 20 track pieces and access all the features of the software. You can test it out and see if it meets your needs and expectations.
  • Buy the full version online. If you are satisfied with the trial version, you can buy the full version online for 24.95 EUR (~$30) from their website[^2^]. You will receive an email with your Autorennbahnplaner serial number and a download link for the latest version of the software. You can then enter your serial number in the software to activate it.
  • Use a promotional code. You can also get a discount on the full version by using a promotional code from some partners of Autorennbahnplaner. For example, you can use the code SCU2015 to get a 20% discount from Slot Car-Union[^3^]. Just enter the code in the order form on Autorennbahnplaner’s website and you will pay only 19.96 EUR (~$24) for the full version.

With these methods, you can get your Autorennbahnplaner serial easily and start designing your own Carrera tracks. Have fun and enjoy your slot car racing!

Tips and Tricks for Carrera Track Planning

Once you have your Autorennbahnplaner serial and software, you can start designing your own Carrera tracks. But how can you make them more fun, realistic and challenging? Here are some tips and tricks to help you with your Carrera track planning:

  • Use variable radius curves. One way to add some variety and excitement to your track is to use variable radius curves. These are curves that have different degrees of curvature along their length, making them more realistic and challenging to drive on. Carrera offers variable radius curves for all their track systems, except for GO!!!. You can use the Autorennbahnplaner software to see how they fit into your layout and adjust them as needed.
  • Add kill switches. Another way to spice up your racing is to add kill switches to your track. These are switches that can turn off the power to a section of the track, creating a hazard or a pit stop for the cars. You can use the Carrera Digital accessories, such as the Pit Lane or the Control Unit, to control the kill switches. You can also use the Autorennbahnplaner software to mark where you want to place them on your track.
  • Plan your track access. A common mistake that beginners make is to design a track that is too big or too complex for their space. This can make it hard to reach some parts of the track for maintenance or rescue. To avoid this, you should plan your track access before you build it. You should leave enough space around the track for walking and reaching. You should also avoid placing loops or bridges over areas that are hard to access. You can use the Autorennbahnplaner software to measure your space and plan your track accordingly.

With these tips and tricks, you can create more enjoyable and realistic Carrera tracks with the Autorennbahnplaner software. Have fun and happy racing!

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