How to Train Like a Pro with Eric Helms’ Muscle and Strength Pyramid

How to Train Like a Pro with Eric Helms’ Muscle and Strength Pyramid

How to Train Like a Pro with Eric Helms' Muscle and Strength Pyramid

If you are looking for a comprehensive and evidence-based guide to building muscle and strength, you might want to check out Eric Helms’ book The Muscle and Strength Pyramid: Training. This book is based on the concept of a pyramid of priorities, where the most important factors for training success are at the bottom and the least important are at the top. By understanding the hierarchy of importance, you can design your own training program that suits your goals, level, and preferences.

In this article, we will give you an overview of what the book covers, who is Eric Helms and why you should listen to him, and how you can get started with his training principles.

What is The Muscle and Strength Pyramid: Training?

The Muscle and Strength Pyramid: Training is a book written by Eric Helms, Andy Morgan, and Andrea Valdez. It was first published in 2019 and has received rave reviews from fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike. The book aims to provide a clear and practical framework for training for muscle growth and strength development, based on scientific research and real-world experience.

The book is divided into three parts. The first part explains the concept of the pyramid of priorities, which consists of six levels: adherence, volume-intensity-frequency, progression, exercise selection, rest periods, and tempo. Each level is discussed in detail, with examples, recommendations, and common pitfalls. The second part covers how to apply the pyramid principles to different goals, such as bodybuilding, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, or general fitness. The third part provides six sample programs for novice, intermediate, and advanced trainees, with full progression guidelines and explanations.

Who is Eric Helms and why should you listen to him?

Eric Helms is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, as well as a holder of a BS in fitness and wellness, an MS in exercise science and sports nutrition and a PhD in strength and conditioning. On top of that he is a bodybuilder and unequipped power-lifter himself[^1^]. He has been coaching drug-free strength and physique athletes since 2005 through his company 3D Muscle Journey. He has also published multiple peer-reviewed articles in exercise science and nutrition journals and writes for commercial fitness publications[^2^]. He is also a research fellow at the Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand[^2^].

In other words, Eric Helms is not only a highly qualified academic researcher but also a seasoned practitioner who knows what works in the trenches. He has a unique ability to translate complex scientific concepts into simple and actionable advice that anyone can follow. He is widely respected in the fitness industry for his integrity, honesty, and passion for helping others achieve their goals.

How to get started with Eric Helms’ training principles?

If you are interested in learning more about Eric Helms’ training principles, you can get his book The Muscle and Strength Pyramid: Training from Amazon or other online retailers[^3^]. You can also visit his website or follow him on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter.

Once you have the book, you can either follow one of the sample programs provided or create your own program based on your goals, level, preferences, equipment availability, etc. The book will guide you through every step of the process, from setting up your training frequency and volume to choosing your exercises and progressing over time. You will also learn how to adjust your program based on your feedback, recovery, plateaus, injuries, etc.

The main thing to remember is that Eric Helms’ training principles are not rigid rules but flexible guidelines that can be adapted to your individual needs and circumstances. The book will teach you how to think critically about your training decisions and how to optimize your results based on evidence and experience.


The Muscle and Strength Pyramid: Training by Eric Helms is one of the best books on training for muscle growth and strength development available today.

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