How to Use Revit 2019 Portable on Any Computer

How to Use Revit 2019 Portable on Any Computer

How to Use Revit 2019 Portable on Any Computer

Revit 2019 is a powerful software for building information modeling (BIM) that allows you to design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure. Revit 2019 supports a multidiscipline design process for collaborative design.

But what if you want to use Revit 2019 on any computer without installing it? Is there a way to make Revit 2019 portable?

The answer is yes, but it is not very simple or recommended. There are two possible methods to create a portable version of Revit 2019:

  1. Install both the operating system (OS) and Revit 2019 on a portable drive, such as a USB flash drive or an external hard drive. This way, you can boot from the portable drive and run Revit 2019 on any computer that supports booting from USB. However, this method has some drawbacks: it requires a large capacity and fast speed portable drive, it may not work on some computers due to BIOS settings or hardware compatibility, and it may violate the license agreement of Revit 2019 or the OS.
  2. Use a third-party software that can create a portable version of Revit 2019 by extracting the files and registry entries from the installation folder. This way, you can run Revit 2019 from the portable drive without booting from it or installing anything on the host computer. However, this method also has some drawbacks: it may not work properly on some computers due to missing dependencies or updates, it may cause errors or crashes due to conflicts with other software or settings on the host computer, and it may also violate the license agreement of Revit 2019.

Therefore, neither of these methods is officially supported or recommended by Autodesk, the developer of Revit 2019. They may cause performance issues, stability problems, or legal troubles. The best way to use Revit 2019 is to install it on a dedicated computer that meets the system requirements and follow the license terms.

If you still want to try making Revit 2019 portable, you can find some tutorials and resources online, such as this forum thread[^1^] or this website[^3^]. However, use them at your own risk and responsibility.

What are the benefits of using Revit 2019?

Revit 2019 is a comprehensive BIM software that offers many benefits for architects, engineers, contractors, and owners. Some of the benefits are:

  • Improved design quality and accuracy. Revit 2019 allows you to create a 3D model of your project that contains all the information and details you need. You can also use parametric components, intelligent objects that can change their shape and properties according to predefined rules. This way, you can ensure consistency and coordination across your design.
  • Enhanced collaboration and communication. Revit 2019 supports a multidiscipline design process that enables you to work with other professionals on the same model. You can also use cloud services, such as BIM 360, to share and access your model from anywhere and anytime. This way, you can streamline workflows and reduce errors and conflicts.
  • Faster and easier documentation and visualization. Revit 2019 automatically generates 2D drawings and schedules from your 3D model, saving you time and effort. You can also use various tools and features to create stunning renderings, animations, and presentations of your design. This way, you can communicate your design intent and vision more effectively.

What are the drawbacks of using Revit 2019?

Revit 2019 is a powerful software that also has some drawbacks that you should be aware of. Some of the drawbacks are:

  • High learning curve and cost. Revit 2019 is a complex software that requires a lot of training and practice to master. You also need a high-end computer system and a subscription plan to run it. This may not be affordable or feasible for some users or projects.
  • Limited compatibility and flexibility. Revit 2019 is not compatible with some older versions or formats of Revit or other software. You may also encounter some limitations or difficulties when trying to customize or modify some aspects of your model or output. This may require you to use additional software or plugins to overcome them.
  • Potential bugs and issues. Revit 2019 is not a perfect software that may have some bugs or issues that affect its performance or functionality. You may also experience some crashes or errors due to hardware or software conflicts or updates. This may cause you to lose some data or work progress.

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