Ion Liviu Rebreanu Magyarul Pdf: A Modern Realista Regény

Ion Liviu Rebreanu Magyarul Pdf: A Modern Realista Regény

Ion Liviu Rebreanu Magyarul Pdf: A Modern Realista Regény

Ion Liviu Rebreanu Magyarul Pdf is a Hungarian translation of Ion, a novel by the Romanian writer Liviu Rebreanu. Ion is considered a modern realistic novel that depicts the life and struggles of the peasants in Transylvania in the early 20th century, focusing on the theme of land ownership and social status. The novel was published in 1920, after seven years of elaboration, and it is based on some real events that the author witnessed or heard about.

In this article, we will provide a brief summary of the novel, its structure and significance, and some information on how to download or read Ion Liviu Rebreanu Magyarul Pdf online.

Summary of Ion

The novel has two parts: The Voice of the Land and The Voice of Love. It has 13 chapters, with expressive titles that indicate the beginning (Începutul) and the end (Sfârșitul) of the story. The novel has a circular structure: it starts and ends with the description of the road that leads to and leaves from Pripas, the village where most of the action takes place. The road is personified and has a symbolic meaning: it introduces the reader to the fictional world and the life of the villagers at the beginning, and it separates the reader from the fictional world and leaves behind the characters’ lives and problems at the end.

The novel has several characters and a complex plot that runs on multiple threads. One narrative thread follows Ion, a poor young man who dreams of owning land. Another thread follows Herdelea, a teacher who has a large family and struggles to make ends meet. A third thread shows the life and social and political relations of the Transylvanian inhabitants.

The plot begins on a Sunday, when the villagers gather for a traditional dance (horă) at Maxim Oprea’s inn. There, we meet some of the main characters: Herdelea, Belciug (a priest), Vasile Baciu (a wealthy landowner), and Ion al Glanetaului (Ion of Glanetau), a poor boy who dances with Ana, Vasile Baciu’s daughter. Ion is in love with Florica, Herdelea’s daughter, but he also wants to marry Ana for her land. Ana is secretly pregnant with Ion’s child, after he seduced her in order to secure his future.

The first part of the novel shows how Ion manages to marry Ana, despite her father’s opposition and Florica’s jealousy. He also inherits some land from his uncle Titu Glanetau, who dies without heirs. However, Ion is not happy with his marriage, as he does not love Ana and she does not love him either. He also faces difficulties in working his land and paying his debts. He still loves Florica, who marries Belciug’s son George.

The second part of the novel shows how Ion’s love for Florica leads him to tragedy. He tries to rekindle their relationship, but Florica rejects him out of loyalty to her husband. Ion becomes obsessed with Florica and neglects his wife and his land. He also gets involved in politics, joining a nationalist movement that aims to unite Transylvania with Romania. He participates in a demonstration that turns violent and gets wounded by a bullet. He dies in Florica’s arms, confessing his love for her.

Structure and Significance of Ion

Ion is a modern realistic novel that portrays objectively and in detail the reality of the Transylvanian peasants in the early 20th century. The author uses a third-person omniscient narrator who knows everything about the characters’ thoughts, feelings, actions, and motives. The narrator also provides historical and geographical information about Transylvania and its inhabitants.

The novel explores several themes that are relevant for understanding the social and cultural context of Transylvania at that time. The main theme is land ownership, which determines one’s social status and identity. Ion’s desire for land reflects his ambition to rise above his poverty and become respected by his peers. However, his quest for land also alienates him from his true love and causes him suffering and death.

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