Jesus I Need You – Hillsong Worship

Jesus I Need You – Hillsong Worship: A Song of Surrender and Dependence on God

Jesus I Need You - Hillsong Worship: A Song of Surrender and Dependence on God

Jesus I Need You is a song by Hillsong Worship, a popular Christian music group from Australia. The song was released in 2015 as part of their album Open Heaven / River Wild. The song expresses the singer’s longing for Jesus and their recognition of their need for Him in every aspect of their life.

The song begins with a confession of sin and weakness, and a plea for God’s mercy and grace. The chorus then declares that Jesus is the only one who can satisfy the singer’s soul, and that they need Him more than anything else. The bridge affirms that Jesus is the hope of the singer’s heart, and that they will trust in Him alone.

The song is based on several biblical passages that emphasize the importance of relying on God and His strength, such as Psalm 63:1-8, John 15:5, Philippians 4:13, and Hebrews 4:16. The song also reflects the theme of surrender and dependence on God that runs throughout the album Open Heaven / River Wild.

Jesus I Need You is a powerful and heartfelt song that invites listeners to join the singer in expressing their need for Jesus and their desire to follow Him. The song can be used as a prayer or a worship song, or as a reminder of God’s presence and provision in times of trouble.

The song Jesus I Need You was written by Brooke Ligertwood, Scott Ligertwood, Reuben Morgan, and Jarrad Rogers. Brooke Ligertwood is one of the lead vocalists and songwriters of Hillsong Worship, and she also sings the lead vocals on this song. Scott Ligertwood is her husband and a fellow songwriter. Reuben Morgan is the worship pastor of Hillsong Church and one of the founding members of Hillsong Worship. Jarrad Rogers is a producer and songwriter who has worked with artists such as Charli XCX, Lana Del Rey, and 5 Seconds of Summer.

The song Jesus I Need You has been covered by several other Christian artists, such as Darlene Zschech, Shane & Shane, and Bethel Music. The song has also been translated into different languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Korean. The song has received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, who have praised its lyrics, melody, and message.

The song Jesus I Need You is a testimony of the singer’s personal relationship with Jesus and their dependence on Him for everything. The song invites listeners to experience the same intimacy and trust with Jesus, and to acknowledge their need for Him in every situation. The song also encourages listeners to surrender their lives to Jesus and to follow His will and His ways.

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