Jonathan Lee feat. Mike Rogers

Jonathan Lee and Mike Rogers team up for a new single

Jonathan Lee and Mike Rogers team up for a new single

Jonathan Lee, the rising star of pop music, has collaborated with Mike Rogers, the legendary rock guitarist, for a new single that will be released next week. The song, titled “Fireworks”, is a fusion of pop and rock that showcases the talents of both artists.

Lee, who rose to fame with his debut album “Dreams” last year, said he was honored to work with Rogers, who is one of his musical influences. “He is a genius and a legend. I learned so much from him and I’m grateful for this opportunity,” Lee said in a press release.

Rogers, who has been in the music industry for over three decades and has won multiple awards, said he was impressed by Lee’s talent and passion. “He is a young and fresh voice in the pop scene. He has a lot of potential and I’m glad to support him,” Rogers said.

The single “Fireworks” will be available on all streaming platforms on May 12. It will also be featured on Lee’s upcoming second album, which is expected to be released later this year.

The collaboration between Lee and Rogers was initiated by their mutual producer, Mark Jones, who thought they would make a great musical match. Jones said he was thrilled by the result of their work. “They have a great chemistry and a unique sound. They complement each other very well and I think the fans will love it,” Jones said.

Lee and Rogers have also filmed a music video for “Fireworks”, which will premiere on YouTube on May 15. The video, directed by Anna Smith, features the duo performing in a rooftop party with fireworks in the background. Smith said she wanted to capture the energy and excitement of the song. “It’s a fun and colorful video that reflects the mood of the song. It’s a celebration of music and friendship,” Smith said.

Lee and Rogers are planning to perform “Fireworks” live for the first time at the MTV Music Awards on May 20. They are also nominated for several awards, including Best Pop Song, Best Collaboration, and Best New Artist. Lee said he was looking forward to the event and hoped to win some trophies. “It’s a dream come true to be nominated and to perform at the MTV Music Awards. I’m so happy and nervous at the same time. I hope we can win something and make our fans proud,” Lee said.

The song “Fireworks” has already received positive reviews from critics and fans alike. The Rolling Stone magazine called it “a brilliant fusion of pop and rock that showcases the best of both worlds”. The Billboard magazine praised it as “a catchy and uplifting anthem that will make you want to dance and sing along”. The fans have also expressed their love and support for the song on social media, using hashtags like #Fireworks, #JonathanLee, and #MikeRogers.

Lee and Rogers have also hinted that they might work together again in the future. They said they enjoyed their collaboration and became good friends during the process. They also said they were open to exploring new genres and styles of music. “We had a blast working on this song and we’re very proud of it. We’re always looking for new challenges and opportunities to grow as artists. Who knows, maybe we’ll do another song together someday,” they said.

Lee and Rogers are both busy with their own projects as well. Lee is currently working on his second album, which he said will feature more collaborations with other artists. He also said he will go on a world tour next year to promote his new music. Rogers is also working on his new solo album, which he said will be a return to his roots of classic rock. He also said he will join Lee on some of his tour dates as a special guest.

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