Kansamire by ssebata

Kansamire: A Song by Ssebata

Kansamire: A Song by Ssebata

Kansamire is a song by Fred Ssebata, a Ugandan Kadongo Kamu artist and the founder of Matendo Band. The song was uploaded on YouTube by Ssenkulu kasiko mutaasa, a channel that features Ssebata’s music and other cultural songs. The song has over 11,000 views and was released a year ago.

The song is about a man who loves a woman named Kansamire, but she is married to another man. The man expresses his feelings for Kansamire and wishes he could be with her. He praises her beauty and character, and says he would treat her better than her husband. He also warns her that her husband might cheat on her or mistreat her.

The song is sung in Luganda, a language spoken by the Baganda people of Uganda. It has a traditional Kadongo Kamu style, which is characterized by acoustic guitars, drums, and storytelling lyrics. Kadongo Kamu is one of the oldest genres of Ugandan music and is popular among the rural and urban communities.

Fred Ssebatta was born in 1968 in Masaka district, Uganda. He grew up in a musical family and started singing at a young age. He joined the Eagles Production band in 1989 and later formed his own band, Matendo Band, in 1994. He has collaborated with other Kadongo Kamu artists such as Paul Kafeero, Herman Basudde, Livingstone Kasozi, and Fred Masagazi.

Fred Ssebatta is known for his social commentary and advocacy for human rights, democracy, and justice. He has sung about issues such as corruption, poverty, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, and land conflicts. He has also been involved in politics and supported the opposition party Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) in the past elections. He has faced harassment and intimidation from the government and some of his fans for his political views.

Fred Ssebatta is married to Sarah Ndagire, a fellow Kadongo Kamu singer and songwriter. They have four children together and live in Kampala. Fred Ssebatta is also a farmer and a businessman. He owns a farm in Masaka where he grows crops and rears animals. He also owns a music studio and a bar.

Fred Ssebatta has won several awards and recognition for his music and contribution to the Kadongo Kamu genre. In 2017, he won 50 million shillings in a Kadongo Kamu contest organized by Operation Wealth Creation, a government program that aims to promote agriculture and poverty eradication. He beat 25 other contestants and impressed the judges with his song Obugenyi, which means wealth creation. He received his prize from the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, who praised him for his talent and message.

Fred Ssebatta has also been honored by the Uganda Performing Rights Society (UPRS), a body that protects the rights of musicians and composers. He was awarded a certificate of recognition for his outstanding contribution to the development of Ugandan music. He was also given a lifetime membership to the society and a monthly allowance. He thanked the UPRS for their support and urged other musicians to join the society and benefit from their services.

Fred Ssebatta has also received accolades from his fans and fellow musicians who appreciate his music and legacy. He has been described as a legend, a mentor, a role model, and a grandfather of Kadongo Kamu. He has inspired many young artists who have followed his footsteps and adopted his style. He has also collaborated with some of them, such as Mathias Walukaga, Vincent Segawa, and Silvester Busulwa. He has also performed at various events and festivals, such as the Bayimba International Festival of the Arts, where he showcased his music to a diverse audience.

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