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Kiera Rose: A YouTube Star and a Thrifty Mum

Kiera Rose: A YouTube Star and a Thrifty Mum

Kiera Rose is a popular YouTube personality who has over 215K subscribers on her channel. She is also a small business owner and a crafty mum of a toddler. In this article, we will learn more about her life, her videos, and her shop.

Her Life

Kiera Rose was born on September 16, 1995 in Fairfield, California, United States. She moved to the UK when she was 18 and has been living there ever since. She is married to Jake, who is also a YouTuber and a musician. They have a daughter named Fauna, who was born in 2020.

Her Videos

Kiera Rose started her YouTube channel in 2009 under the name Scarlet Saint Online. She changed it to Kiera Rose in 2016. Her videos cover a variety of topics, such as veganism, mental health, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and motherhood. She also does vlogs, hauls, reviews, and challenges. Some of her most popular videos are “I Got Married!”, “My Vegan Story”, “My Tattoo Collection”, and “I Had A Baby!”. She uploads new videos every week and has over 25 million views on her channel.

Her Shop

Her Videos

Kiera Rose is also the owner of Little Doe, an online shop that sells handmade jewelry, accessories, and home decor. She started the shop in 2014 and has been making all the products herself. She uses natural materials, such as wood, clay, resin, and crystals. She also makes custom orders for her customers. Some of her products include necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, keychains, bookmarks, coasters, and wall hangings. She has an Instagram account for her shop where she posts pictures of her products and updates on her stock.


Kiera Rose is a talented and creative woman who has a passion for making videos and crafts. She is also a loving wife and a caring mother who shares her life with her family and fans. She is an inspiration for many people who want to pursue their dreams and hobbies.

Her Future Plans

Kiera Rose has many plans for the future, both for her YouTube channel and her shop. She wants to make more videos about her family, her hobbies, and her opinions. She also wants to collaborate with other YouTubers and create more content for her fans. She hopes to reach 300K subscribers by the end of the year.

For her shop, she wants to expand her product range and offer more variety and quality. She also wants to improve her website and make it more user-friendly and attractive. She hopes to grow her customer base and increase her sales.

Her Advice

Kiera Rose has some advice for anyone who wants to start a YouTube channel or a shop. She says that the most important thing is to be yourself and to enjoy what you do. She says that you should not compare yourself to others or let negative comments affect you. She says that you should be consistent and passionate about your work and always try to improve yourself. She says that you should also be grateful for your supporters and interact with them regularly.

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