M Huncho – Pee Pee

M Huncho Drops New Single “Pee Pee” Ahead of Album Release

M Huncho Drops New Single

British rapper M Huncho has released a new single titled “Pee Pee” on Friday, May 5th. The track is the first taste of his upcoming album “Huncholini the 1st”, which is set to drop on May 19th.

“Pee Pee” showcases M Huncho’s signature melodic flow and trap-inspired beats, as he raps about his lavish lifestyle and success in the music industry. The song also features a catchy chorus that repeats the phrase “pee pee” throughout.

The single is accompanied by a colorful and trippy music video, directed by Suave. The visuals depict M Huncho and his crew partying in a mansion, surrounded by women, money and cars. The video also includes some animated effects and transitions that add to the psychedelic vibe of the song.

M Huncho is one of the rising stars of the UK rap scene, known for his distinctive masked appearance and his blend of rap, R&B and drill. He has collaborated with artists such as Nafe Smallz, Headie One, D-Block Europe and MIST. His previous project, “Utopia”, was released in 2019 and reached number 13 on the UK Albums Chart.

“Huncholini the 1st” is expected to be M Huncho’s breakthrough album, as he has already teased some of the features and producers on his social media. The album will include 13 tracks and will feature guest appearances from Headie One, Nafe Smallz, D-Block Europe and MIST. The production will be handled by Quincy Tellem, N2theA, Kenny Beats and more.

Fans can stream “Pee Pee” on all major platforms and watch the music video on YouTube. They can also pre-order “Huncholini the 1st” on M Huncho’s official website.

M Huncho has been making waves in the UK rap scene since he emerged in 2017 with his debut mixtape “Get Out”. Since then, he has released two more mixtapes, “48 Hours” and “Utopia”, and several singles, such as “Birds”, “Thumb” and “Ocho Cinco”. He has also performed at festivals such as Wireless, Reading and Leeds, and Glastonbury.

One of the most distinctive aspects of M Huncho’s music is his use of a mask to conceal his identity. He has stated that he wears the mask to protect his privacy and to focus on his music rather than his image. He has also said that he wants his fans to relate to his lyrics and emotions rather than his appearance.

M Huncho’s music is influenced by various genres, such as rap, R&B, drill, trap and afrobeat. He has cited artists such as Future, Young Thug, Drake and Wizkid as some of his inspirations. He has also developed his own style of rap, which he calls “trapwave”, which combines melodic vocals, catchy hooks and hard-hitting beats.

M Huncho’s upcoming album, “Huncholini the 1st”, is one of the most anticipated releases of the year. The album is named after his alter ego, which he describes as “a boss, a leader, a visionary”. He has also revealed that the album will showcase his growth as an artist and his versatility as a rapper.

The album will feature some of the biggest names in the UK rap scene, such as Headie One, Nafe Smallz, D-Block Europe and MIST. M Huncho has collaborated with these artists before and has praised their talent and work ethic. He has also hinted that the album will include some surprise features from international artists.

The album will also boast some of the best producers in the game, such as Quincy Tellem, N2theA, Kenny Beats and more. M Huncho has worked with these producers before and has developed a strong chemistry with them. He has also stated that he likes to experiment with different sounds and genres and that the album will reflect that.

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