Masta – Proibido [ vdeo Oficial ] [Mix-Tape D.M.E.Q.F.A]

Masta – Proibido: A New Hit from the Angolan Rapper

Masta - Proibido: A New Hit from the Angolan Rapper

Masta, one of the most popular and talented rappers in Angola, has released a new video for his song “Proibido” (Forbidden), which is part of his mixtape “D.M.E.Q.F.A” (Do Me Everything You Feel Like). The video, directed by Malef, features Masta and his crew performing in various locations in Luanda, the capital city of Angola. The song is a catchy and energetic rap that showcases Masta’s skills and charisma.

“Proibido” is one of the 12 tracks on Masta’s mixtape “D.M.E.Q.F.A”, which was released in December 2022. The mixtape is a diverse and creative project that explores different themes and styles of rap, from trap to boom bap. Masta collaborates with other Angolan artists such as Kelson Most Wanted, Uami Ndongadas, Paulelson and Eudreezy on the mixtape. The mixtape has received positive reviews from fans and critics alike, who praised Masta’s versatility and originality.

Masta is a member of the rap group Força Suprema, which also includes NGA, Don G and Prodígio. The group is considered one of the most influential and successful rap groups in Angola and Portugal, where they have a large fan base. Masta has also released solo projects such as “R.A.P” (2016), “K.O.D” (2018) and “D.R.G” (2020), which have established him as one of the leading rappers in the Lusophone rap scene.

“Proibido” is available for download on various platforms such as **Bue de Musica**, **Jox Musik**, **NEWSMUZIK** and **Sonangol Muzik**. The song has received positive feedback from the fans, who praised Masta’s flow and lyrics. The video has also gained more than 100,000 views on YouTube in less than a week.

Masta is one of the most prominent rap artists in Angola, who has been active since the early 2000s. He is known for his witty and clever wordplay, his social and political commentary, and his versatility in adapting to different rap subgenres. He has also collaborated with other international rap artists such as Sam The Kid, Valete, Boss AC and Dji Tafinha.

“Proibido” is a song that reflects Masta’s confidence and ambition as a rapper, who does not let anyone or anything stop him from pursuing his passion and expressing his voice. The song is a testament to Masta’s talent and creativity, as well as his contribution to the Angolan rap scene.

Masta is not only a rapper, but also a producer and a songwriter. He has produced many of his own songs, as well as songs for other artists such as NGA, Don G and Prodígio. He has also written songs for singers such as Anselmo Ralph, Pérola and Yola Araújo. Masta has a keen ear for music and a knack for creating catchy and memorable hooks.

Masta is also a mentor and a role model for many young and upcoming rappers in Angola. He has supported and encouraged many new talents, such as Uami Ndongadas, Paulelson and Eudreezy, who have featured on his mixtapes. He has also participated in rap battles and cyphers, where he has showcased his skills and challenged other rappers.

Masta is a rap legend in Angola, who has earned the respect and admiration of his peers and fans. He has been consistent and innovative in his rap career, always delivering quality music and videos. He has also been influential and inspirational in shaping the Angolan rap culture and identity. Masta is a true master of rap.

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