Megami no Cafe Terrace

How to Enjoy Megami no Cafe Terrace, a Romantic Comedy Anime with Five Gorgeous Heroines

How to Enjoy Megami no Cafe Terrace, a Romantic Comedy Anime with Five Gorgeous Heroines

If you are looking for a fun and heartwarming anime to watch this spring, you might want to check out Megami no Cafe Terrace (The Café Terrace and Its Goddesses), a romantic comedy anime based on the manga series by Kōji Seo. The story follows Hayato Kasukabe, a 19-year-old college student who returns to his hometown after his grandmother’s death. He inherits her struggling café Familia, where he meets five beautiful women who work there as part-timers. Each of them has a unique personality and a special bond with his grandmother, and they convince him to keep the café open. As Hayato tries to manage the café and his relationships with the women, he discovers their secrets, dreams, and feelings.

The anime adaptation of Megami no Cafe Terrace is produced by Tezuka Productions and directed by Satoshi Kuwabara. The voice cast includes Masaaki Mizunaka as Hayato Kasukabe, Ruriko Aoki as Ouka Makuzawa, Sayumi Suzushiro as Ami Tsuruga, Aya Yamane as Riho Tsukishima, Azumi Waki as Shiragiku Ono, and Asami Seto as Akane Hououji. The opening theme song is “Unmei Kyoudoutai!” (Fate Community!) by Neriame, and the ending theme song is “Dramatic” by Miki Satou.

Megami no Cafe Terrace is a perfect anime for fans of romantic comedy and harem genres. It has a charming and colorful art style, a catchy soundtrack, and a hilarious and heartwarming story. The anime also features some ecchi scenes and fanservice moments that spice up the comedy and romance. The five heroines are all gorgeous and lovable, each with their own quirks and charms. You will surely enjoy watching their interactions with Hayato and each other, as well as their growth and development throughout the story.

If you want to watch Megami no Cafe Terrace, you can stream it on Crunchyroll. The anime premiered on April 8, 2023, and has 12 episodes in total. You can also read the manga series on Kodansha USA, which has 10 volumes as of April 2023. Don’t miss this delightful anime that will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love with its goddesses!

One of the main attractions of Megami no Cafe Terrace is the diverse and dynamic cast of characters. Hayato Kasukabe is a smart and kind protagonist who cares deeply for his grandmother and the café. He is also a bit clueless and naive when it comes to romance, which leads to some hilarious and awkward situations with the women. He tries his best to balance his studies, work, and personal life, while also learning more about his grandmother’s past and legacy.

The five women who work at Familia are all goddesses in their own way. Ouka Makuzawa is a 19-year-old fashion student who has a tsundere personality. She is often cold and harsh to Hayato, but she also has a soft and sweet side that she shows occasionally. She has a twin sister named Kikka, who is the opposite of her in terms of appearance and attitude. Ami Tsuruga is a 17-year-old high school student who is skilled in karate. She is cheerful and energetic, but also mischievous and prankster. She likes to wear masks and costumes to surprise her co-workers and customers. Riho Tsukishima is a 20-year-old college student who is the granddaughter of a famous Shōwa era actress. She used to be a popular child actress herself, but she quit the entertainment industry after a scandal. She is elegant and refined, but also secretive and lonely. Shiragiku Ono is a 20-year-old childhood friend of Hayato who lives next door to him. She is the daughter of a Michelin star chef who had studied under Hayato’s grandmother. She is gentle and caring, but also clumsy and timid. She has a crush on Hayato since they were kids, but she is too shy to confess her feelings. Akane Hououji is a 21-year-old newcomer who joins Familia later in the story. She is a mysterious and beautiful woman who claims to be Hayato’s fiancée. She is confident and assertive, but also mysterious and manipulative. She has a hidden agenda that involves Hayato and the café.

The anime also has some supporting characters who add more flavor and depth to the story. Sachiko Kasukabe is Hayato’s grandmother who passed away before the start of the story. She was the owner of Familia and a renowned chef who had traveled around the world. She was also a loving and generous person who took care of the five women as her own family. She left behind some letters and recipes for Hayato to discover her secrets and wishes. Kazue Ikura is Sachiko’s old friend and rival who runs another café nearby. She is an elderly woman who acts like a young girl. She often competes with Sachiko’s café and tries to sabotage it, but she also respects her as a friend and mentor.

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