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Who is Megu Kamijyo? A Voice Actress with a Mysterious Identity

Who is Megu Kamijyo? A Voice Actress with a Mysterious Identity

Megu Kamijyo is a name that may not ring a bell for many anime fans, but she is actually a voice actress who has voiced some characters in anime shows and games. However, unlike most voice actors, she has a very low profile and almost no information about her is available online. Who is she and what has she done?

According to some sources, Megu Kamijyo is a pseudonym for Megu Ashiro, a voice actress who was born on August 10, 1978 in Yamagata, Japan. She is also known under the name Megumi Kobayashi. She is affiliated with TAB Production, a voice acting agency that specializes in dubbing foreign films and dramas. Some of her notable roles include Kiri in the Towa no Quon film series, Inga in Un-Go, Reiri Kamura in Princess Resurrection, and Yui Kiriyama in Kokoro Connect. She also voiced some minor characters in Girls und Panzer and Fruits Basket.

However, some other sources claim that Megu Kamijyo is a different person from Megu Ashiro or Megumi Kobayashi. They say that she is a voice actress who debuted in 2017 and only has one role so far: Aoshima Megu, the main character of a short promotional anime for Shima City in Mie Prefecture. The anime, titled Aoshima Megu, features Megu as an aspiring pearl diver who introduces the attractions of Shima and the Ise-Shima region. The anime was produced by Toei Animation and aired on TV Tokyo in April 2017. The voice actress for Megu was chosen through an audition among local residents of Shima City. The anime’s official website does not reveal her real name or any other information about her, only stating that she is a “newcomer voice actress” who loves Shima City.

So, which one is the real Megu Kamijyo? Is she Megu Ashiro/Megumi Kobayashi, or is she the newcomer voice actress from Shima City? Or are they both the same person using different names? The answer is unclear and may remain a mystery for a long time. Perhaps Megu Kamijyo prefers to keep her identity secret and let her voice speak for itself. Or maybe she is just a very elusive and mysterious voice actress who likes to surprise her fans with different roles. Whatever the case may be, Megu Kamijyo is a voice actress who deserves more attention and recognition for her work.

One of the challenges that voice actors face is the pronunciation of foreign languages, especially English. Many anime shows and games feature characters who speak English or have English names, and voice actors have to deliver their lines convincingly and accurately. However, this is not always easy, as Japanese and English have very different sounds and structures. How do voice actors cope with this difficulty?

In an interview with Crunchyroll, voice actress Yui Horie, who voiced Kumin Tsuyuri in Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions and Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi in Cross Ange, among many others, shared her experience of tackling English in anime. She said that she usually tries to listen to the original English voice or pronunciation as much as possible and imitate it. She also said that she sometimes asks native speakers for advice or uses online tools to check the pronunciation. She admitted that it is hard to get the intonation and rhythm right, but she enjoys the challenge and hopes to improve her English skills.

Another voice actress who has impressed fans with her English pronunciation is Megumi Ogata, who voiced Shinji Ikari in Neon Genesis Evangelion and Sailor Uranus in Sailor Moon. In an interview with Tokyo Otaku Mode, she revealed that she learned English by herself through books, CDs, and movies. She said that she likes to watch Hollywood movies with subtitles and repeat the lines out loud. She also said that she practices her English by reading scripts and singing songs. She said that she thinks English is a beautiful language and that she wants to express herself more freely in it.

These are just some examples of how voice actors approach the pronunciation of English in anime. Of course, there are many other factors that affect their performance, such as the director’s instructions, the character’s personality, and the context of the scene. Voice actors have to balance accuracy and emotion, clarity and nuance, while also delivering their lines in sync with the animation. It is not an easy task, but it is one that they do with passion and dedication.

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