MeldaProduction MAudioPlugins v9.02: A Comprehensive Review

MeldaProduction MAudioPlugins v9.02: A Comprehensive Review

If you are looking for a versatile and powerful collection of audio plugins for mixing, mastering and creative music processing, you might want to check out MeldaProduction MAudioPlugins v9.02. This bundle includes over 100 effects and instruments that cover everything from dynamics, EQ, modulation, distortion, reverb, delay, pitch shifting, spatialization, analysis and more. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the features and benefits of MeldaProduction MAudioPlugins v9.02 and see how it can enhance your audio production workflow.

What is MeldaProduction MAudioPlugins v9.02?

MeldaProduction MAudioPlugins v9.02 is the latest version of the acclaimed MAudioPlugins bundle that was released in February 2016[^3^]. It includes 106 plugins that are compatible with Windows and Mac OS X platforms and support VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats. The plugins are divided into several categories: MXXXCore (a modular plugin that lets you create your own effects and instruments), MDrummer (a virtual drum machine), MMultiAnalyzer (a multi-track spectrum analyzer), MMasteringBundle (a set of plugins for mastering), MTotalBundle (a set of plugins for mixing and creative processing), MFreeEffectsBundle (a set of free plugins) and MFreeformAnalogEq (a free parametric equalizer).

What are the main features and benefits of MeldaProduction MAudioPlugins v9.02?

What is MeldaProduction MAudioPlugins v9.02?

Some of the main features and benefits of MeldaProduction MAudioPlugins v9.02 are:

  • High-quality sound: The plugins use 64-bit processing and support up to 192 kHz sample rate. They also feature automatic gain compensation, oversampling, anti-aliasing filters, dithering and noise shaping.
  • Unique features: The plugins offer some unique features that are not found in other products, such as automatic synchronization to host tempo, morphing between presets, randomization of parameters, modulators that can control any parameter with various sources (LFOs, envelopes, MIDI, etc.), multiparameters that can control multiple parameters at once, smart randomization that avoids unwanted artifacts and more.
  • Customizable interface: The plugins have a resizable and customizable user interface that can be skinned and styled according to your preferences. You can also choose between different GUI modes (easy/simple/advanced) depending on your level of expertise.
  • Presets and online preset exchange: The plugins come with hundreds of presets that cover various genres and styles. You can also browse and download presets from other users via the online preset exchange system.
  • Free lifetime updates: Once you purchase a licence for any of the plugins or bundles, you will get free updates for life. You can also upgrade from one bundle to another at a discounted price.

How to get MeldaProduction MAudioPlugins v9.02?

If you are interested in getting MeldaProduction MAudioPlugins v9.02, you can download the universal installer from their official website[^1^]. The installer lets you choose which plugins to install and includes both 64-bit and 32-bit versions. You can try the commercial plugins for 15 days without any limitations before purchasing a licence. The free plugins work indefinitely without any restrictions. You can also purchase a licence for individual plugins or bundles from their online shop.


MeldaProduction MAudioPlugins v9.02 is a comprehensive and versatile collection of audio plugins that can suit any audio production needs. Whether you are looking for effects or instruments, mixing or mastering tools, simple or complex processing, you will find something that meets your expectations in this bundle. With high-quality sound, unique features, customizable interface, presets and online preset exchange system and free lifetime updates, MeldaProduction MAudioPlugins v9.02 is a great value for money and a worthy investment for any audio producer.

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