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Momo Aizawa: The Rising Star of VOICE : ORE

Momo Aizawa: The Rising Star of VOICE : ORE

Momo Aizawa is a Japanese VTuber affiliated with VOICE : ORE as part of its second generation alongside Saki Asagi and Rin Sumirezaki. She debuted with a two-hour singing stream, and after a chatting stream she uploaded her first song cover, of moreきゅん奴隷 – 戦慄かなの. She would also stream Minecraft, often featuring her fellow VOICE : ORE members, and streams of the game dominated her channel. Other games she has played include Genshin Impact, Pokemon: Unite, and she would host singing streams and upload shorts in between them.

Momo’s character designer is あかも. She has long pink hair with a blue ribbon on the left side, blue eyes, and a mole under her right eye. She wears a white blouse with a blue bow tie, a blue skirt, white stockings, and black shoes. She also has a blue tail and ears that resemble those of a cat.

Momo is known for her cheerful and energetic personality, as well as her cute voice and singing skills. She often interacts with her fans on Twitter and YouTube, using the hashtags #もも源郷 for general tweets and #絵ももも for fanart. She also collaborates with other VTubers from VOICE : ORE and other agencies, such as Rena Ch. 白鳥怜奈 : VOICE-ORE / ぼいそーれ , Kogane Ch. 日向こがね : VOICE-ORE / ぼいそーれ , Mizuki Ch. 蒼井美月 : VOICE-ORE / ぼいそーれ , and more.

Momo’s popularity has been growing steadily since her debut, and she currently has over 35k subscribers on YouTube and over 16k followers on Twitter. She is one of the most promising VTubers in the industry, and fans are looking forward to her future content and projects.

Some of Momo’s notable achievements include reaching 10k subscribers on YouTube in less than two months after her debut, participating in the VOICE : ORE 2nd Anniversary Festival, and releasing her first original song “MOMOGEN” on November 22, 2022. She also has a merchandise store where fans can buy goods such as acrylic stands, keychains, stickers, and more.

Momo’s goal is to become a professional singer and voice actress, and to make people happy with her content. She is grateful for the support and love she receives from her fans, whom she calls “Momogens”. She hopes to continue improving her skills and creating more memorable moments with her friends and fans.

This article has introduced Momo Aizawa, a rising star of VOICE : ORE, and her background, personality, content, and achievements. She is a talented and adorable VTuber who has a bright future ahead of her. If you are interested in Momo and her content, you can follow her on YouTube and Twitter, and support her by watching her streams, commenting on her videos, sending her super chats, and buying her merchandise. You can also check out the other VTubers from VOICE : ORE and enjoy their diverse and entertaining content. Momo Aizawa is a VTuber worth watching and supporting, and you will not regret becoming a Momogen.

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