Nakshi mrembo – Ali Kiba

Nakshi Mrembo: A Hit Song by Ali Kiba and Hakeem 5

Nakshi Mrembo: A Hit Song by Ali Kiba and Hakeem 5

Nakshi Mrembo is a Swahili song by Tanzanian singer-songwriter, footballer, and the owner of Kings Music label, Ali Saleh Kiba, better known as Alikiba. He collaborated with Hakeem 5, a Kenyan rapper, to create this catchy tune that was released in the early 2000s. The song title means “beautiful design” in English, and it is a love song that praises a woman’s beauty and charm.

The song was one of Alikiba’s early hits that established him as a popular artist in the East African music scene. He later went on to release other successful songs such as Cinderella, Dodo, Seduce Me, and Mwana. He also collaborated with other artists such as Ommy Dimpoz, Christian Bella, Navy Kenzo, and Rudeboy. Alikiba is known for his smooth vocals, romantic lyrics, and fusion of bongo flava, R&B, and pop genres.

Hakeem 5 is a Kenyan rapper who was part of the group Rudeboiz. He added some rap verses to Nakshi Mrembo, giving it a hip hop flavor. He also worked with other artists such as Nameless, Nonini, and Jua Cali. He is known for his witty rhymes, fast flow, and Swahili slang.

Nakshi Mrembo is a song that has stood the test of time and still appeals to many fans across East Africa and beyond. It showcases the talent and versatility of Alikiba and Hakeem 5, as well as the richness and diversity of Swahili music.

If you want to listen to Nakshi Mrembo, you can find it on YouTube and other streaming platforms. You can also watch the official video, which features Alikiba and Hakeem 5 performing the song in various locations, such as a beach, a park, and a club. The video also shows some scenes of Alikiba and his love interest, who is the nakshi mrembo of the song. The video was directed by Casey Kamau and has over 575K views on YouTube.

Nakshi Mrembo is a song that will make you dance and sing along. It is a classic example of how Swahili music can blend different influences and styles to create a unique sound. It is also a testament to the creativity and collaboration of Alikiba and Hakeem 5, who are both respected and admired in the music industry. Nakshi Mrembo is a song that you should definitely add to your playlist.

In an interview with New African magazine, Alikiba revealed that he wrote Nakshi Mrembo as a tribute to his mother, who passed away when he was young. He said that his mother was his inspiration and motivation, and that he wanted to honor her memory with his music. He also said that Nakshi Mrembo was one of his favorite songs, and that he enjoyed working with Hakeem 5, who he described as a talented and humble rapper.

Hakeem 5 also expressed his appreciation for Alikiba and Nakshi Mrembo in an interview with The Star newspaper. He said that he was honored to collaborate with Alikiba, who he considered as one of the best singers in Africa. He also said that Nakshi Mrembo was a hit song that opened many doors for him and his career. He said that he was grateful for the opportunity and the experience, and that he hoped to work with Alikiba again in the future.

Nakshi Mrembo is a song that has a lot of meaning and emotion behind it. It is not only a love song, but also a tribute to a mother, a friend, and a partner. It is a song that celebrates life, love, and music. It is a song that has touched the hearts of many people, and that will continue to do so for years to come.

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