Naruto Dub Episode 201

Naruto Episode 201: A Trap Within a Trap

Naruto Episode 201: A Trap Within a Trap

In this episode of Naruto, Naruto confronts Genno, a former ninja of the Hidden Rock Village who has planted numerous explosive tags around the Hidden Leaf Village. Genno reveals that his motive is to avenge his comrades who died in a war against the Leaf Village many years ago. He activates a timer that will set off all the explosive tags in 15 minutes, burying the village in a massive rockslide.

Meanwhile, Shikamaru and the other young ninja realize that all the traps they have been disarming are actually diversions, and that the real explosive tags are hidden underground. They rush to inform the Third Hokage and evacuate the villagers. However, they are intercepted by a group of rogue ninja who are working with Genno. A fierce battle ensues between the two sides.

Will Naruto and his friends be able to stop Genno’s plan and save the village from destruction? Find out in Naruto Episode 201: A Trap Within a Trap!

The episode begins with a flashback of the previous episode, where Naruto learns that Gennō is a former enemy ninja who has planted explosive tags all over the village as part of his revenge plan. Naruto decides to chase after him and stop him from destroying Konoha.

Back in the present, Naruto catches up with Gennō at the mountains behind the village, where he has set up a large number of explosive tags. Gennō tells Naruto that he has 15 minutes left before the timer goes off and triggers a massive rockslide that will bury the village. He reveals that he was part of a team of ninja from the Hidden Rock Village who were sent to infiltrate Konoha during the Third Shinobi World War. However, they were betrayed by their own village and left to die by the Leaf ninja. Gennō was the only survivor, and he swore to avenge his fallen comrades by destroying Konoha.

Naruto tries to reason with Gennō, telling him that his actions will only cause more hatred and suffering. He says that he understands how Gennō feels, since he also lost his parents during the war. He asks Gennō to give up his revenge and live peacefully with his son, who is waiting for him in his hometown. Gennō is surprised that Naruto knows about his son, and Naruto explains that he met him during his scavenger hunt. He says that his son loves him and wants him to come back.

Gennō is moved by Naruto’s words, but he says that it is too late to change his mind. He says that he has already set the timer and that there is no way to stop it. He says that he will die with his comrades and asks Naruto to join him. Naruto refuses and says that he will never give up on his friends and his village. He says that he will find a way to stop the explosion and save everyone.

Meanwhile, Shikamaru and the other young ninja are busy disarming the explosive tags that Gennō planted around the village. They realize that Gennō used a clever trick to hide the real tags under fake ones, making them harder to find. They also notice that some of the tags are connected to each other by wires, creating a network of traps. Shikamaru deduces that Gennō’s real goal is not to blow up the village, but to trigger a rockslide at the mountains behind it.

Shikamaru contacts Hinata, who is using her Byakugan to locate Naruto and Gennō. She tells him that they are at the mountains and that there are many explosive tags there. Shikamaru realizes that they have to hurry and stop Gennō before he sets off the timer. He orders everyone to split up and head to the mountains as fast as they can.

However, as they are running, they are ambushed by a group of rogue ninja who are working with Gennō. The rogue ninja attack them with various weapons and jutsu, trying to prevent them from reaching the mountains. Shikamaru tells his friends not to worry about him and to keep going. He stays behind to fight the rogue ninja leader, who uses a sword with a hidden blade.

At the mountains, Naruto and Gennō engage in a fierce taijutsu battle, exchanging punches and kicks. Naruto tries to get close to Gennō and grab his timer, but Gennō blocks him with his cane. Gennō says that he admires Naruto’s spirit, but he also says that he is wasting his time. He says that even if Naruto manages to stop him, there are still many other explosive tags around the village that will go off anyway.

Naruto says that he believes in his friends and that they will find a way to disarm all the tags. He says that he will never let Gennō destroy Konoha or hurt anyone else. He activates his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode and charges at Gennō with a Rasengan.

To be continued…

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