Oxeye: A Cloud-Native Application Security Platform

Oxeye: A Cloud-Native Application Security Platform

Oxeye is a company that provides a cloud-native application security platform that combines static and runtime analysis and the functions of SAST, DAST and SCA into a single tool. Oxeye aims to eliminate application security noise by focusing on exploitable vulnerabilities and providing developer-friendly remediation information.

Oxeye’s platform can help developers and AppSec teams to:

  • Focus on critical vulnerabilities that matter and reduce noise by 80-95%
  • Detect vulnerabilities that other tools miss with vulnerable flow analysis
  • See whether vulnerabilities are Internet-accessible or hidden behind internal services
  • Discover non-compliant licenses and hardcoded secrets in open source packages
  • Fix vulnerabilities quickly with code snippets, stacktraces and vulnerability flows

Oxeye is built from scratch for cloud-native applications, especially those written in Golang. It supports a simple 2-minute deployment and integrates with popular CI/CD tools and cloud platforms. Oxeye is backed by leading investors and advisors in the cybersecurity industry.

To learn more about Oxeye and how it can help you secure your cloud-native applications, visit www.oxeye.io.

Oxeye’s platform is designed to address the challenges of securing cloud-native applications, which are often distributed, dynamic and complex. Traditional application security tools are not well suited for this environment, as they generate a lot of false positives, miss critical vulnerabilities and slow down the development process.

Oxeye’s platform leverages a unique approach called vulnerable flow analysis, which traces the path of vulnerabilities from the externally-facing API to the internal service that is vulnerable, even if the service is not directly accessible from the Internet. This way, Oxeye can filter out vulnerabilities that are not exploitable and prioritize those that pose a real risk to the application.

Oxeye’s platform also provides comprehensive information to help developers fix vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently. It shows the code snippet where the vulnerability resides, the stacktrace of the functions that were called during the execution of the vulnerability, and the source channel that received the user input that triggered the vulnerability. Oxeye also provides recommendations on how to remediate the vulnerability and prevent it from happening again.

Oxeye’s platform is not only a powerful tool for finding and fixing vulnerabilities, but also a valuable asset for improving the overall quality and security of cloud-native applications. Oxeye can help developers and AppSec teams to:

  • Adopt a shift-left approach to application security, by integrating Oxeye into their CI/CD pipelines and cloud platforms
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of application security, by using a single tool that covers SAST, DAST and SCA functions
  • Enhance the collaboration and communication between developers and AppSec teams, by providing a common language and a unified view of application security
  • Stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape, by leveraging Oxeye’s continuous updates and support

Oxeye is the ultimate cloud-native application security platform for developers who want to build secure, reliable and scalable applications. To see Oxeye in action and get a free trial, visit www.oxeye.io today.

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