RAUM: A Creative Reverb Plugin by Native Instruments


RAUM: A Creative Reverb Plugin by Native Instruments

RAUM: A Creative Reverb Plugin by Native Instruments

Reverb is one of the most essential effects in music production, as it can add depth, space, and character to any sound. However, not all reverb plugins are created equal. Some are too basic, some are too complex, and some are just plain boring.

That’s why Native Instruments created RAUM, a versatile and creative reverb plugin that can do much more than just simulate realistic rooms and halls. RAUM is designed to sculpt any space, from subtle ambiences to huge granular textures, from abstract echoes to spacetime-bending ambience. It’s your space laboratory, your mix fixer, and your utility tool.

RAUM has three distinct modes that cover a wide sonic range: Grounded, Airy, and Cosmic. Each mode has its own set of parameters that let you shape the reverb tail, the early reflections, the modulation, and the pre-delay. You can also use the Freeze button to create infinitely-sustaining sounds, or the Mix Lock button to keep the wet/dry balance constant while switching between presets.

RAUM is compatible with VST, AAX, and AU plugin hosts on PC and Mac. It’s also part of the KOMPLETE 13 bundle, which gives you access to over 100 other instruments and effects by Native Instruments. Whether you need a realistic reverb for vocals and pianos, or a creative reverb for sound design and experimentation, RAUM has you covered.

If you want to try RAUM for yourself, you can download a free demo from the Native Instruments website. You can also watch some walkthrough videos and listen to some audio demos to get a better idea of what RAUM can do. RAUM is not just another reverb plugin; it’s a reverb plugin rethought.



RAUM is not just a simple reverb plugin; it’s a creative tool that can transform any sound with its three distinct modes and flexible parameters. Whether you want to add some subtle space to your mix, or create some wild and experimental soundscapes, RAUM can help you achieve your sonic goals.

RAUM Features

RAUM has a simple and intuitive interface that lets you access all the essential controls in one screen. You can adjust the size, decay, and color of the reverb tail, as well as the level and shape of the early reflections. You can also use the modulation knob to add some movement and variation to the reverb, or turn it up for some crazy effects.

One of the most unique features of RAUM is the pre-delay section, which allows you to create some interesting rhythmic and textural effects. You can sync the pre-delay to the tempo of your project, or use it freely for more creative results. You can also increase the feedback to create some metallic and comb-filter sounds, or use the Freeze button to hold the reverb indefinitely.

RAUM also comes with a built-in EQ and a ducking feature, which let you shape the tone and dynamics of the reverb. You can use the EQ to cut or boost the low and high frequencies of the reverb tail, or use the ducking feature to make the reverb more responsive to the input signal. This way, you can avoid muddying your mix or masking your original sound.

RAUM Reviews

RAUM has received positive reviews from users and critics alike, who praised its sound quality, versatility, and ease of use. Some of the comments include:

  • “RAUM is a fantastic reverb plugin that can do anything from realistic rooms to crazy sound design. It sounds great on vocals, synths, drums, guitars, and anything else you throw at it. It’s also very easy to use and tweak, with a clear and intuitive interface.”
  • “RAUM is one of my favorite reverb plugins ever. It has a very rich and lush sound that can add depth and dimension to any sound. I love using it for ambient and cinematic music, as it can create some amazing atmospheres and textures. It’s also very fun to experiment with, as it can produce some unexpected and inspiring results.”
  • “RAUM is a creative reverb plugin that can take your sound to another level. It has three different modes that cover a wide range of sounds, from natural to cosmic. It also has a lot of flexibility and control over the reverb parameters, as well as some unique features like pre-delay and freeze. It’s a must-have plugin for any producer or sound designer.”


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