ReelSmart Motion Blur: A Powerful Plugin for Adding Natural-Looking Motion Blur

ReelSmart Motion Blur (RSMB) is a plugin that applies natural-looking motion blur to your video footage by automatically tracking every pixel. It works with Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, and other applications that support After Effects plugins. RSMB can also use motion vectors supplied by your 3D system to blur with more accuracy and speed.

RSMB has many features that make it a versatile and effective tool for adding motion blur to your projects. Some of these features are:

  • Fast and easy motion blur: RSMB applies motion blur based on the automatic tracking of every pixel, without requiring you to set up masks, roto, or track points. You can adjust the amount of blur, the shutter angle, and the sensitivity of the tracking.
  • Essential for 3D: RSMB can use motion vectors generated by your 3D system to blur with more precision and speed. This is especially useful for rendering fast-moving objects, depth of field, and motion blur effects that are not available in your 3D software.
  • Pro version also available: RSMB Pro offers more advanced features, such as object separation, motion vector import and export, motion vector retiming, and 360 motion blur. You can see the Fusion Studio page for more details.
  • 360 motion blur: RSMB tracks 360 footage and blurs properly taking into account the connectedness of the edges of the sides as well as the top and bottom. This feature is available in both RSMB and RSMB Pro.
  • Removal of motion blur: RSMB can also remove motion blur from your footage by reversing the tracking process. This can be useful for restoring sharpness or creating a freeze-frame effect.

If you want to learn more about how to use RSMB’s features, you can watch instructional videos and example videos on the RE:Vision Effects website. You can also download a free trial version and see for yourself how RSMB can enhance your video projects.

RSMB is a plugin that has been used by many professionals and hobbyists for creating stunning motion blur effects. Some of the projects that have used RSMB are:

  • The Fighter: RSMB was used to give a more filmic look to footage shot on video, providing shutter speed correction. The footage looked choppy when played back at film rates. So the client settled on RSMB to simulate that normal shutter speed you would have with film footage.
  • Stop-motion animation: RSMB can add realistic motion blur to stop-motion animation, making it look smoother and more natural. Patrick Boivin, a Canadian filmmaker and animator, used RSMB for his stop-motion projects.
  • 3D motion graphics: RSMB can also enhance 3D motion graphics by adding motion blur based on the motion vectors supplied by your 3D system. This can create more dynamic and realistic animations. Patrick Goski, a 3D artist and instructor, used RSMB for his 3D motion graphics example.
  • Dance sequence: RSMB can also be used to create artistic effects with motion blur, such as blurring one sequence using the motion of another. TMS Consulting and Baylor University Film and Digital Media department used RSMB for their dance sequence project.

RSMB is a plugin that has received many positive reviews and awards from the industry and the users. Computer Arts Magazine gave RSMB a 5-star review and called it “a brilliant plug-in which should be in every user’s toolbox.” RSMB has also won several awards, such as the Academy Award for Technical Achievement in 2006, the Engineering Emmy Award in 2017, and the Lumiere Award in 2018.

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