Samantar Episode 6 Marathi: A Turning Point in Kumar’s Life

Samantar is a popular Marathi web series that is also dubbed in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. It is based on a novel by Suhas Shirwalkar and stars Swwapnil Joshi, Tejaswini Pandit and Nitish Bharadwaj. The series revolves around Kumar Mahajan, a young man whose life changes after he meets Sudarshan Chakrapani, a man who has lived the same destiny as him. Kumar finds Chakrapani’s diary and starts reading it to know his future, but soon realizes that it is not as easy as it seems.

In episode 6 of Samantar season 2, titled “Work, Wife, Friendship Losing Everything”, Kumar faces a major crisis in his life. He is arrested for the murder of Meera Baviskar’s husband, a woman he has fallen in love with. Meera is played by Sai Tamhankar, who joins the cast in season 2. Kumar loses his job, his friends and his wife Nima, who leaves him after finding out about his affair. He is left with only Meera and the diary, which he decides to burn. He challenges Chakrapani that he will write his own destiny and not follow the diary anymore.

However, Chakrapani gives him a folded page from the diary and tells him that he will need it someday. Kumar wonders what is written on that page and whether he can change his fate or not. The episode ends with a cliffhanger that leaves the viewers curious about what will happen next.

Samantar episode 6 Marathi is a thrilling and emotional episode that shows how Kumar’s life takes a drastic turn due to his choices and actions. It also explores the themes of destiny, free will and karma. The performances of the actors are commendable and the direction by Satish Rajwade is gripping. The episode is available to watch online on MX Player for free.

Samantar Episode 6 Marathi: A Critical Reception

Samantar season 2 has received mostly positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. The series has been praised for its powerful performances, intriguing storyline, and thrilling twists. The series has also been appreciated for its adaptation of the novel and its exploration of the themes of destiny, free will and karma.

Some of the critics who have reviewed the series are:

  • OTTPlay: “Samantar 2 review: A twisted and dark tale that you can watch once. Swwapnil Joshi proved himself as an actor in season 1 consistently but Tejaswini Pandit steals the show in Samantar season 2.”
  • Streamingdue: “Samantar Season 2 Review: Powerful Performances & Storyline Makes It Worth Watch. Swapnil Joshi is amazing as always, his transformation of expressions during the sequences was just mindblowing. Nitesh Bhardwaj was also good in the role of Sudarshan Chakrapani, he looks intense, Pained, and dangerous sometimes. Sai Tamhankar is a new entry in the series and she looks brilliant.”
  • Cinestaan: “Samantar (Season 2) review: A notch better than its predecessor in terms of drama and thrills. The first season of MX Player’s Samantar had nine short episodes. The follow-up comprises 10 episodes that have a longer running time. This isn’t a problem since this season is a notch better than its predecessor in most departments.”
  • 99Chill: “Samantar Season 2: An MX Player Original Story Full Of Suspense And Thrill. Season 2 is very tight and catches the viewer’s attention a lot. This season has a lot of filthy abuses and vulgar scenes, keeping out all these scenes in the series might have become a remarkable web series.”

Samantar Episode 6 Marathi: How to Watch Online

If you are interested in watching Samantar episode 6 Marathi online, you can do so on MX Player for free. MX Player is a video streaming platform that offers a variety of content in different languages and genres. You can watch movies, TV shows, web series, sports, music videos, live TV channels, international shows and much more for free on MX Player.

To watch Samantar episode 6 Marathi online on MX Player, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official website of MX Player or download the app from Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. Sign up or log in with your email or phone number.
  3. Search for Samantar season 2 or browse through the categories.
  4. Select the episode 6 titled “Work, Wife, Friendship Losing Everything” and choose your preferred language (Marathi, Hindi, Tamil or Telugu).
  5. Enjoy watching the episode online for free on MX Player.

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