Shimeji Ryuk: The Cute and Creepy Desktop Companion

Shimeji Ryuk: The Cute and Creepy Desktop Companion

Shimeji Ryuk: The Cute and Creepy Desktop Companion

If you are a fan of the anime Death Note, you might have wished to have your own Shinigami, or death god, to accompany you on your adventures. Well, now you can, thanks to Shimeji Ryuk, a desktop application that lets you interact with a miniature version of the iconic character.

Shimeji Ryuk is one of the many Shimeji characters available online. Shimeji are small animated characters that live on your desktop and interact with your windows and icons. They can walk, jump, climb, hang, throw, eat and do other cute and funny things. You can also customize their behavior and appearance to suit your preferences.

Shimeji Ryuk is based on the character Ryuk from Death Note, a popular manga and anime series that follows the story of Light Yagami, a high school student who finds a notebook that can kill anyone whose name is written in it. Ryuk is the Shinigami who dropped the notebook in the human world out of boredom and follows Light around to see how he uses it.

Shimeji Ryuk has the same appearance and personality as the original character. He has black hair, red eyes, pale skin and a skeletal body. He wears black clothes and carries an apple, his favorite food. He is mischievous, curious and sometimes helpful, but also indifferent to human morality and suffering.

Shimeji Ryuk can be downloaded from various websites that host Shimeji characters. You will need Java to run the application. Once you install it, you can launch it from your desktop and enjoy having Ryuk as your companion. You can also download other Shimeji characters from different fandoms and have them interact with each other.

Shimeji Ryuk is a fun and entertaining way to spice up your desktop and show your love for Death Note. However, be careful not to write anyone’s name in his notebook, or you might end up in trouble!

Shimeji Ryuk is not the only Death Note character that you can have on your desktop. You can also find Shimeji versions of Light, L, Misa, Near, Mello and others. Each of them has their own unique animations and interactions that reflect their personalities and roles in the story. For example, Shimeji Light will write names in his notebook, Shimeji L will eat sweets and sit in his signature pose, and Shimeji Misa will follow Shimeji Light around and express her love for him.

If you want to have more fun with your Shimeji characters, you can also play with them and make them do different things. You can drag them around, throw them in the air, shake them, drop them or even delete them. You can also add more of them or remove some of them. You can also change their settings and adjust their speed, size and number. You can also create your own Shimeji characters by editing the images and code files.

Shimeji Ryuk and other Shimeji characters are a great way to express your creativity and fandom. They are also a source of amusement and distraction when you are bored or stressed. However, they can also be annoying and distracting when you are trying to work or study. They can interfere with your windows and icons, consume your memory and CPU resources, and make noises. Therefore, you should use them with caution and moderation.

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