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Soldier Boy: A Heartbreaking Tale of a Child Hero in World War II

Soldier Boy: A Heartbreaking Tale of a Child Hero in World War II

Soldier Boy is a 2019 Russian-language film based on the true story of Sergei Aleshkov, the youngest soldier in World War II, who was only six years old when he lost his family and joined an army regiment. The film depicts his courage, loyalty, and innocence as he faces the horrors of war and earns the Military Merit Medal for his bravery.

The film is directed by Victoria Fanasiutina and stars Andrei Andreev as Sergei, Victor Dobronravov as his adoptive father and commander, and Darya Ursulyak as his love interest. The film is a gripping drama that explores the themes of tragedy and love, danger and hope, and the joy of belonging in a time of chaos and violence.

Soldier Boy is available to watch on Prime Video, YouTube, The Roku Channel, Tubi TV, and other streaming platforms. It is a must-watch for fans of historical films, war dramas, and inspiring stories of heroism.

The film is based on the memoirs of Sergei Aleshkov, who was born in 1937 in a village near Smolensk. He witnessed the Nazi invasion of his homeland and the brutal massacre of his family and neighbors. He was rescued by a Soviet tank crew and adopted by their commander, Major Ivanov. He became a mascot and a helper for the regiment, participating in battles and missions. He also developed a close bond with a female nurse, Katya, who treated him like a son.

The film shows the hardships and dangers that Sergei and his comrades faced during the war, as well as the moments of joy and humor that they shared. Sergei proved to be a brave and loyal soldier, saving lives and performing heroic deeds. He was wounded several times, but always recovered and returned to the front. He was awarded the Military Merit Medal for his courage and devotion to the Soviet cause.

The film also depicts the emotional impact of war on Sergei and his friends. He witnessed death and destruction, lost loved ones, and faced betrayal and cruelty. He also experienced love and friendship, hope and faith, and learned the value of life and freedom. He grew up fast in a world of violence, but never lost his innocence and humanity.

The film is a tribute to the millions of children who suffered and died in World War II, as well as to the heroism and resilience of the Soviet people. It is a powerful and moving story that touches the hearts and minds of the viewers. It is also a historical and educational film that shows the realities and challenges of war, as well as the cultural and historical aspects of the Soviet Union.

The film has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. It has been praised for its realistic and authentic portrayal of war, its emotional and engaging plot, its excellent acting and directing, and its stunning cinematography and music. It has also been nominated for several awards, including the Golden Eagle Award for Best Feature Film.

Soldier Boy is a film that will stay with you long after you watch it. It is a film that will make you cry, laugh, and think. It is a film that will inspire you to appreciate life and freedom, and to honor the sacrifices of those who fought for them.

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