If you are a fan of NCT and aespa, you are in for a treat. Five members from these two groups have teamed up to deliver a stunning performance of “ZOO”, a song from NCT 2020’s album Resonance Pt. 2.

TAEYONG, JENO, HENDERY, YANGYANG and GISELLE took the stage at the 2023 SBS Gayo Daejeon, a year-end music festival that showcases some of the best K-pop acts. They wowed the audience and viewers with their charisma, vocals, rap and dance skills.

“ZOO” is a hip-hop track that expresses the wild and free spirit of the artists. The lyrics compare their music to a zoo, where different animals coexist and create harmony. The song also features animal sounds and catchy hooks that make it fun and addictive.

The stage video of “ZOO” has gone viral on social media, with fans praising the chemistry and talent of the five performers. Some even hope that they will form a sub-unit or collaborate again in the future.

You can watch the full video of “ZOO” below and let us know what you think in the comments.

“ZOO” is not the only collaboration song from the ‘SMTOWN: SMCU Express’ album. The album features various artists from SM Entertainment, such as EXO, Red Velvet, SHINee, SuperM, NCT, aespa, Girls’ Generation, and more. The album is part of the ‘SM Culture Universe’ project, which aims to create a fictional world where the artists have their own stories and characters.

Some of the other popular songs from the album are “Step Back” by Girls On Top (BoA, Taeyeon, Wendy, Karina and Winter), “ANTIFRAGILE” by LE SSERAFIM (Baekhyun, Taemin, Kai, Lucas and Shotaro), and “LOCO” by ITZY. You can listen to the whole album on Spotify or YouTube Music.

What do you think of “ZOO” and the other songs from ‘SMTOWN: SMCU Express’? Which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us!

The ‘SMTOWN: SMCU Express’ album is not only a musical project, but also a part of the ‘SM Culture Universe’ project, which aims to create a fictional world where the artists have their own stories and characters. The project will allow fans to experience the metaverse through a wide variety of futuristic content.

Some of the artists have expressed their excitement and gratitude for being part of this project. For example, BoA, who produced the song “Step Back” by Girls On Top, said: “I’m so happy to work with these amazing singers. I hope you enjoy our song and our performance.” Similarly, Kyuhyun, who sang “Ordinary Day” with Onew and Taeil, said: “It’s an honor to sing with these two great vocalists. I hope our song can comfort you in these difficult times.”

The fans have also shown their support and love for the album and the project. Some of the comments from YouTube and Twitter are: “This album is a masterpiece. Every song is a bop and every collaboration is perfect.” “I’m so proud of SM for creating this amazing universe. I can’t wait to see more of their stories and characters.” “ZOO is my favorite song. The rap line is so powerful and Giselle is a queen.” “Step Back is such a girl crush anthem. Girls On Top are legends.” “I love how SM is always innovating and experimenting with new concepts. They are truly the leaders of K-pop.”

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