The Flash Roman: A New Comic Series Inspired by Ancient History

The Flash Roman: A New Comic Series Inspired by Ancient History

What if the fastest man alive was born in ancient Rome? That’s the premise of The Flash Roman, a new comic series that reimagines the DC superhero as a Roman citizen with super speed. The series is written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Francis Manapul, who have previously worked on The Flash and Justice League.

The Flash Roman follows the adventures of Flavius Augustus, a young man who gains the power of super speed after being struck by lightning during a storm. He uses his abilities to fight crime and injustice in the Roman Empire, while also dealing with the challenges of living in a society that is very different from his own. Along the way, he encounters familiar faces from DC comics, such as Batmanius, Wonder Womania, and Aquamanus, who are also reimagined as Roman versions of themselves.

The series is inspired by the historical and cultural aspects of ancient Rome, as well as the mythology and legends of the time. Waid and Manapul said they wanted to explore how a character like The Flash would fit into a world that is both familiar and foreign to modern readers. They also said they wanted to have fun with the concept and create a comic that is action-packed, humorous, and adventurous.

The Flash Roman is set to debut in June 2023, with a 12-issue run planned. The first issue will have a variant cover by Jim Lee, featuring The Flash Roman running alongside a chariot. The series is expected to appeal to fans of The Flash, as well as those who are interested in ancient history and mythology.

The Flash Roman is not the first comic series to feature a superhero in ancient times. In 2011, Marvel Comics published The Mighty Thor: The Godstorm, which showed Thor as a Norse god who fought against the Roman Empire. In 2014, DC Comics published Superman: Red Son, which showed Superman as a Soviet hero who fought against the United States. However, The Flash Roman is unique in that it does not change the origin or identity of the superhero, but rather transports him to a different era and culture.

Waid and Manapul said they chose The Flash as the protagonist of their series because they felt he was the most adaptable and versatile of the DC superheroes. They said they wanted to show how The Flash’s personality and values would remain the same, regardless of the time and place he was in. They also said they wanted to showcase his intelligence and creativity, as well as his speed and agility.

The Flash Roman is also a tribute to the legacy and influence of The Flash in comic book history. The Flash was created in 1940 by Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert, and was one of the first superheroes to have a scientific origin for his powers. He was also one of the founding members of the Justice Society of America, the first superhero team in comics. In 1956, The Flash was revamped by Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infantino, and became one of the pioneers of the Silver Age of comics. He was also one of the first superheroes to have a multiverse of alternate versions of himself, such as Jay Garrick, Wally West, and Bart Allen.

The Flash Roman is a celebration of The Flash’s rich history and enduring popularity, as well as a fresh and exciting take on the character. It is a comic series that promises to be fast, fun, and fascinating.

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