How NDJ Turned XXXTENTACION’s Changes into a Viral Remix

How NDJ Turned XXXTENTACION's Changes into a Viral Remix

XXXTENTACION was a controversial but influential rapper who was shot and killed in 2018. His song Changes, which was released posthumously, became a hit and touched many fans with its emotional lyrics and piano melody. But one artist decided to put his own spin on the song and create a remix that went viral on YouTube.

Nathan Davis Jr., also known as NDJ, is a singer, actor and producer who has appeared in movies like Detroit and Hotel Artemis. He is also a talented musician who has released several songs and covers on his YouTube channel. In 2018, he uploaded a video titled XXXTENTACION – Changes (NDJ REMIX OFFICIAL VIDEO), which featured him singing his own lyrics over the original instrumental of Changes.

The remix was a tribute to XXXTENTACION and his impact on the music industry. NDJ expressed his sadness and frustration over the rapper’s death and the violence that plagues the world. He also sang from the perspective of XXXTENTACION, imagining what he would say to his mother and fans after his passing. The remix also featured guest vocals from Sofea Watkins, who sang the chorus of Changes.

The video quickly gained popularity and received over 82 million views as of May 2023. Many viewers praised NDJ’s vocals, lyrics and creativity. Some even said that they liked the remix better than the original. The remix also caught the attention of other celebrities, such as Will Smith, who shared it on his Instagram story.

NDJ said that he was inspired by XXXTENTACION’s music and wanted to honor his legacy. He also said that he hoped to spread a message of love and peace through his remix. He thanked his fans for their support and encouraged them to follow their dreams.

You can watch the video here: XXXTENTACION – Changes (NDJ REMIX OFFICIAL VIDEO). You can also listen to the remix on SoundCloud: Changes (NDJ Remix).

NDJ is not the only artist who has remixed XXXTENTACION’s songs. Other rappers, such as Lil Wayne, Joyner Lucas and Trippie Redd, have also paid homage to the late star by adding their own verses or melodies to his tracks. Some of these remixes have been officially released, while others have been leaked online.

XXXTENTACION’s music has been influential and controversial in equal measure. He was known for his versatile and experimental style, which ranged from emo rap to lo-fi to rock. He also addressed topics such as depression, suicide, abuse and violence in his lyrics. However, he also faced allegations of domestic abuse and assault, which tarnished his reputation and led to legal troubles.

Despite his controversies, XXXTENTACION had a loyal fan base and a huge impact on the culture. He was one of the most streamed artists on Spotify and YouTube, and he won several awards, including an American Music Award and a BET Hip Hop Award. He also inspired many young artists to pursue their passion and express themselves through music.

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