Zuchu – Utaniua Official Music Audio

Zuchu – Utaniua: A Heartfelt Song About Love and Pain

Zuchu - Utaniua: A Heartfelt Song About Love and Pain

Zuchu, the talented Tanzanian singer and songwriter, has released a new song titled Utaniua, which means “You will kill me” in Swahili. The song is a beautiful and emotional expression of her feelings for a lover who has hurt her deeply.

The song was released on February 9, 2023, as part of her upcoming album. It is available for streaming and download on various platforms, such as YouTube, Audiomack, and Spotify. The song has already gained over 1 million views on YouTube in just two days, showing the popularity and appeal of Zuchu’s music.

Zuchu has also released two versions of the song: a lyric video and an official music video. The lyric video features Zuchu singing in front of a colorful background, while the official music video shows Zuchu in different scenes of romance and heartbreak with her lover. The video was shot by Director Ivan, who has worked with Zuchu on several other projects.

The song is a blend of Afro-pop and R&B, with Zuchu’s smooth vocals and catchy melodies. The lyrics are in Swahili and English, and they convey the pain and frustration of being in love with someone who does not appreciate or respect you. Zuchu sings: “You will kill me with your lies/You will kill me with your cheating/You will kill me with your silence/You will kill me with your coldness”.

Zuchu is one of the most promising artists in the African music scene, having signed with WCB Wasafi, a leading record label in Tanzania. She has released several hit songs, such as Sukari, Cheche, Litawachoma, and Nobody. She has also collaborated with other artists, such as Diamond Platnumz, Rayvanny, Joeboy, and Olakira.

Zuchu – Utaniua is a song that will touch the hearts of many listeners who have experienced love and pain. It is a testament to Zuchu’s talent and versatility as an artist. You can listen to the song here .

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Zuchu – Utaniua is not only a song, but also a message to her fans and listeners. Zuchu has said that she wrote the song to inspire people to love themselves and not to settle for less than they deserve. She has also said that she hopes the song will help people heal from their wounds and move on with their lives.

Zuchu has received a lot of praise and support from her fans and fellow artists for her song. Many have commented on her social media pages, expressing their admiration and appreciation for her music. Some have also shared their own stories of love and pain, relating to Zuchu’s song.

Zuchu – Utaniua is a song that showcases Zuchu’s growth and maturity as an artist. It is a song that resonates with many people who have loved and lost. It is a song that proves that Zuchu is one of the best singers and songwriters in Africa.

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Zuchu – Utaniua is a song that you should not miss if you are a fan of Zuchu or African music in general. It is a song that will make you feel and think. It is a song that will inspire you to love yourself and to be strong. Zuchu – Utaniua is a song that deserves to be heard and appreciated by everyone.

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